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Extremely rare 37mm yellow gold Rolex Daytona ‘John Player Special’ featuring a black dial

Singer Adam Levine is wearing an extremely rare 37mm yellow gold Rolex Daytona ‘John Player Special,’ featuring a black dial with gold sub-registers, reference 6264.

The timepiece was named after the legendary 1970s Formula 1 livery because of its dial. In 1972, John Player & Sons (cigarette company) sponsored the Lotus Formula 1 Team, which emblazoned the company’s logo on its cars. The car was clad in black and gold livery to match the cigarette maker’s corporate colors.

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The Rolex reference 6264 is regarded as the pinnacle of the Daytona chronograph’s progression. It serves as a link between the two major phases of the manual wound Daytona’s history. Between the end of the 1960s and the start of the 1970s, a small number of such transition manually winding Rolex Daytonas were produced.

Whereas the majority of the Ref. 6264 Daytona Chronos were created of stainless steel, some were made of yellow gold, making a solid gold 6264 a real rarity, with just 10 known examples. Thus, the Rolex John Player Special Daytona is among the rarest but most attractive Rolex Daytona variations outside the Paul Newman.

As a result, the arrival on the global market of such a Rolex John Player Special Daytona is a significant and amazing moment for collectors. The John Player Special is among the most sought-after Rolex Daytona variants and takes its title from the 1970s-era John Player livery used on Lotus F 1 racing vehicles.

The Rolex Daytona JPS’s dial is its most distinguishing feature. The upper left dial of the Paul Newman Daytonas is inscribed with 15, 30, 45, 60 rather than 20, 40, 60, as is customary. Three gold subdials stand out against the black dial. Art deco numerals, as well as subdial crosshairs, adorn these subdials. 

The JPS has a 14k solid gold casing, which was typical at the period for the American market. 18k Daytonas were also made, but solely for the European market. It’s no surprise that this version, with its striking black and gold dials, was inspired by the legendary JPS Lotus racer.

On the JPS, authentic 14k gold bracelets are hard to find. The JPS version on display in the Phillips store is in its original condition. Leather straps have been added to the majority of the others. Either option is appealing to the enthusiasts. 

The distinctive dial configuration and polish of the Paul Newman Daytona ‘John Player Special’ make it so valuable. The timepiece was dubbed the ‘John Player Special’ because of its black and gold contrasting Paul Newman dial, which complemented the classic Lotus Formula 1 livery, which was painted in black with a gold JPS insignia. The dial blends wonderfully with the gold casing, giving the watch a striking appearance.

Rolex Daytonas are trendy watches and collector’s goods among timepiece and vehicle lovers alike. Considering its scarcity and historical significance, this piece, a rare edition of the Daytona, is like the Holy Grail from both realms.

Price market: The JPR Rolex rarely appears for sale, but one was sold in 2020 at auction for USD 1,5 million.

Photo: Getty Images

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