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Fossil Brings Eye-catching Watches for the Average Person – A Brief Tour in Five Watches

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The brand Fossil was established in the mid-1980s. It makes timepieces for a number of well-known brands, such as Michael Kors, Adidas, Burberry, DKNY, and Emporio Armani. Despite being marketed as a fashionable watch company, they boast design studios in China and Biel, Switzerland. Other brands owned by The Fossil Group include Zodiac Timepieces, perhaps most appealing to watch enthusiasts.

Even if the Fossil narrative is brief, watch enthusiasts will find it fascinating. This is because it features Swiss and American companies as well as Chinese manufacturing expertise.

Tom Kartsotis founded the business with a relatively straightforward goal: to bring fashion timepieces from China to US retail. He and his brother had started the company to import timepieces but quickly included importing leather products. The business expanded quickly, and in a short period, they bought retail network Watch Station, luxury Swiss company Michele Watch, as well as Zodiac watches.

The design of Fossil timepieces was generally inspired by everything American antique. Furthermore, the brand continues to build its name as a company that offers eye-catching design pieces for the average person. This is despite having introduced several legendary series, including the Cecile, Jacqueline, and Stella lines.

The wristwatches from Fossil may be readily dressed up when worn with elegant clothing. This is because they effortlessly combine a range of key aspects to create strong and confident impressions. In addition, Fossil timepieces inspire watch enthusiasts from every corner of the world to express their love of the simple things in life. They make telling time a pure thrill.

Below is a brief tour of the Fossil modern history wristwatches:

  1. Fossil Grant

The Fossil Grant timepiece line blends classic style with useful everyday features. The revised line, made of refined and durable stainless steel, includes modernized highlights and new components. This resulted in a watch that could survive daily use while looking fashionable enough for casual use. So if you’re able to buy just one timepiece, then a Fossil Grant piece will fit any situation perfectly.

Three indexes, Roman numbers, and distinctive labeling in gold-toned shades are all featured on the sizable silver-tone dial that also has a minute timer along the rim in a complementary color. This adaptable design of Grant pieces has subdials that show the date, the hour, as well as the seconds. Additionally, the Chrono feature makes it easy to utilize the watch as a timer. The movable clasp on the brown leather strap ensures the ideal fit and complements the elegant appearance. To add to its usefulness, this fashionable item is water-resistant up to 50 meters.

Grant Chronograph Navy Leather Watch. Photo: Fossil


  1. Fossil Starmaster

Talking of Fossil in the 1990s is impossible without bringing up Starmaster. The Starmaster collection, which was very comprehensive for both men and women, is among the classics that collectors still discuss.

There have been many truly intriguing Starmaster versions in the past. With a production of 875 units, the newest product is a limited edition with a black casing.

It’s a simple piece in terms of aesthetics. Based on how you perceive it, it’s either a military or field watch. There is nothing else on the dial beside the lighting and the 3 hands. The illumination creates a cool and understated appearance.

Fossil Starmaster. Photo: Fossil


  1. Fossil FB-GMT

The most durable and high-end variant is this Fossil FB-GMT. It’s another hefty swimmer with proper diving waterproofing is present. In general, it’s more important to have a consistent, standardized style than something extraordinary.

The selection of casing material sets it apart from most diving watches. Titanium is a great metal to employ in the creation of timepieces. It’s non-toxic to people’s bodies and weighs half as much as stainless steel. This version’s darker coloring also appears outstanding.

Fossil FB-GMT is quartz driven, just as the other Fossil watches. The GMT indicator allows you to read the time in a different time zone, plus Rolex made “Batman” colors prominent on the bezel. The indexes’ grey highlights are attractive and go well with the titanium casing.


Fossil FB-GMT. Photo: Fossil FB-GMT



  1. Fossil Decker

This timepiece does, in fact, resemble the moonwatch from Omega. Although not a straight parody, it is stylistically extremely close. Actually, what drew many people to this watch was its aesthetic. It is undeniably a mid-sized race Chrono with a lot of vintage appeals.

Fossil Decker features a busy dial that resists looking cluttered. The date is discretely hidden at 4 o’clock, while the indexes are recognizable. There isn’t anything that immediately stands out as a good or bad feature. It is also 100M water resistant and contains a quartz movement, as well as a mineral crystal.

The Decker is available in numerous configurations. The silicon band with contrasting stitching is a good addition and fits perfectly with the aircraft theme that Fossil is aiming for. Silicone straps are frequently hit or miss. Instead of being stiff like a rubber strap, it is soft and conforms to your wrist. In addition, unlike other straps, it doesn’t pull on the hairs on the arms.


Fossil Decker. Photo: Fossil Decker


  1. Fossil Virginia

The Ladies Fossil Virginia Wristwatch, part of the Dressing Series, is a stunning piece of glitzy clothing jewelry. It is shielded by crystal glass that resists scratches, and its quartz movement ensures accurate timekeeping. Due to the piece’s 50-meter water resistance, you could wear it while mild swimming and immerse it briefly without risk of damage.

Additionally, this Fossil Virginia timepiece has a lot of stunning factors. They include a striking crystal-lined casing and trendy dial featuring crystal hourly baton markings, Roman numerals, plus silver hands. Also, this incredibly gorgeous fashion accessory includes additional crystal rings added to the elegant silver bracelet.


Virginia Stainless Steel Watch. Photo: Fossil



Fossil has accomplished a lot being such a young brand. They started as a cheap style wristwatch importer, but now they have a presence in the Swiss and Chinese watchmaker industries. They have bought a cutting-edge software company in Misfit and a storied Swiss watch label with Zodiac. Both the conventional and the newest sectors of the industry have them well covered.

In addition, Fossil timepieces offer a traditional appearance and all the features you need if you’re searching for a daily piece to keep you informed or something exceptional for a special event.

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