Where does our deep-rooted inspiration come from? It’s a natural derivative of the rich and enduring history of watches. The very concept of a wristwatch is something that we find truly fascinating, as fascinating as the actual journey behind it. From a fashion statement for women in the early 17th century, to its evolution as a vital tool in a time of war during the 18 and 1900’s, the odyssey of a wristwatch is one that’s nothing short of remarkable. Even though a timepiece is no longer a necessity in a digitally superfluous era like our own, we believe that it is still a bold statement of a person’s style, an extension of your inner self.

Since 2016 Superwatchman has inspired, delivered news, style advice, and in-depth reviews on our favorite watches. Superwatchman is a Stockholm based company, inspiring millions of modern men, known as an influential site for luxury watches and news.

Superwatchman started as an online blogg with a creative touch in Stockholm. In 2018, the domain was registered and very soon had more than 2,000,000 expressions on its platforms.

Genuine artisan skills, a touch of creativity and a commitment to excellence form the foundation of everything we do. Our exclusivity and authenticity gives everything around Superwatchman its unique identity.