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Orlando Bloom’s Audemars Piguet X Cactus Jack

Orlando Bloom's Audemars Piguet X Cactus Jack

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In the world of celebrities and their exquisite taste in accessories, we often catch glimpses of stars adorning themselves with the most opulent and rare timepieces. Our most recent spotting? The dashing Orlando Bloom was caught red-handed—or rather, watch-handed—by the vigilant eyes of Fratello Vertigo 1983 during the Audemars Piguet X Cactus Jack event.

Bloom, the seasoned actor who’s no stranger to stealing hearts both on and off the screen, took his wrist game to a whole new level. And what was the muse for his latest horological affair? None other than the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Perpetual Calendar Openworked ‘Cactus Jack’—a mouthful of a name for a wrist companion, but oh, what a companion it is!


Orlando Bloom, clad in sophistication and a grin that could rival the Cheshire Cat, showcased the 41-mm brown ceramic wonder on his wrist. This limited edition timepiece, a collaboration with the rap sensation Travis Scott, is as rare as a unicorn in a tuxedo. The dial itself is a canvas of personality, featuring Travis Scott’s actual handwriting and Cactus Jack’s iconic smiley emblem for the moons. Why settle for just telling time when you can do it with flair and a touch of hip-hop magic?

But the pièce de résistance lies on the flip side—the case back. Engraved with the words ‘Utopia is a state of mind,’ it’s not just a watch; it’s a philosophical statement. It’s the kind of watch that makes you ponder the meaning of life while checking if you’re running fashionably late to your next Hollywood soirée.

Let’s not forget the nod to Travis Scott’s latest musical endeavor. The case back proudly bears the name of his album, ‘Utopia is a state of mind.’ Orlando Bloom, not one to shy away from embracing the essence of an entire album on his wrist, is not just telling time; he’s narrating a sonic journey with every tick and tock.


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In a world where time is money, Orlando Bloom has found a way to make every second count, not just for him but for the entire fashion police force. So, next time you’re late to a meeting, just flash your Audemars Piguet X Cactus Jack masterpiece and watch time forgive you, because, after all, utopia is a state of mind, and Orlando Bloom is the ambassador of punctual perfection.

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