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Jacob & Co. Releases Redesigned Epic X Editions

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The EPIC X has always been and continues to be Jacob & Co.’s most adaptable and simple-to-wear watch among its extensive high-end watches. This series was first introduced in 2015 and updated at Geneva Watch Days 2022. Hence, customers can now purchase an EPIC X in three variations: A rose gold casing featuring green aluminum pieces on a rose gold bracelet or a black rubber strap, a steel casing with blue aluminum in a steel band, a black rubber strap, and finally a black DLC casing with black accents.


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Whichever variant you might prefer, the 2022 editions have a new casing style and structure. This also includes the fact that the company chose stainless steel over titanium, distinguishing them from the earlier models.

The measurements of all variants are the same, with the EPIC X being among the thinnest Jacob & Co. watches, having a casing size of 44mm and a width of 13.05mm. In short, the firm is now providing the 2022 edition with a stainless casing, a significant change from the titanium-cased EPIC X of the prior era.


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This updated version maintains the distinctive X-shaped casing form, in which the angular lugs appear to grip onto the bezel. This bezel reveals a steeper descent to the middle casing, while the lugs have become full rather than exhibiting depression at the sides.

The general design has also been improved. The stainless steel and rose gold models’ casings are completely polished with high-refined surfaces. More particular, the blue aluminum highlights around the rehaut (where the minute line is visible), the margins of the arches that extend vertically across the dial, and the bottom of the crown are included in the stainless steel model. Furthermore, the recently created five-link bracelet, which is included with this edition, has a style similar to the updated casing in that every connection has an angular shape and is well-finished.

The red components included in earlier iterations of the EPIC X have additional color highlights that make viewing the time a snap. These accents are located at the apex of the hour and minute indexes.


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Due to the casing and bracelet being constructed of identical material, the first iteration of the rose gold model has a similar appearance to the stainless steel edition. The rose gold watch with a bracelet features black highlights, while the stainless steel edition features blue ones (both in the rehaut and bottom of the crown). Nevertheless, the arches are covered in rose gold in this rendition. The black rubber strap model has vivid highlights of green aluminum that stand out sharply against the highly polished casing.

The full-black DLC variant featuring a black rubber band is located at the utterly opposing end of the range. Moreover, the arches, rehaut, and bottom of the crown are all covered in black on this model. It includes the company’s distinguishing black rubber honeycomb strap. Also, the hour and minute markers’ points and the rose gold and steel parts of the movement are the only places where color is used as an element.


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The company name and emblem were shifted from the dial right part to the 12 o’clock spot on the rear. This feature is even more obvious on the black DLC variant of the redesigned 2022 timepieces.

The classic movement is yet another trait that all versions have in common. The hand-wound JCAM45 caliber, created especially for Jacob & Co. and easily recognized by its skeletonized and vertical structure, powers the whole line. This movement has a 48-hour power reserve and strikes at 28,800 BPH (or 4Hz). The arches’ Clous de Paris (also known as Parisian hobnail) pattern is a prominent visual feature of the 2022 Epic X series. Moreover, the squared base pyramid motif with finished faces that makes up the Clous de Paris texture is distinctive.


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Finally, as stated earlier, the 2022 Epic X line’s casing has been improved to show glossy surfaces that link flawlessly, particularly on the stainless steel and rose gold variants. Besides, the newly constructed crown shields, which are more noticeable than on earlier iterations and have a complete instead of stepped structure, also have the distinctive X-shape of the lugs.

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