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IShowSpeed with His Jacob and Co. Epic-X Flight of the CR7 Watch


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If there’s anything faster than IShowSpeed’s quips and quibbles on his stream, it’s his taste in wrist candy and road candy. That’s right, alongside his flashy Lamborghini, Darren Jason Watkins Jr. (a.k.a. IShowSpeed) is flaunting an even flashier timepiece—the Jacob and Co. Epic-X Flight of the CR7. Limited to just 999 pieces, it’s so exclusive it practically demands a security detail.

Let’s start with the basics: This watch is wrapped in an 18-carat rose gold case. Not just regular gold, mind you but rose gold. Because when you live life in the fast lane like Speed does, why settle for anything less than gold that’s as stylish as a sunset? The 44 mm width of the case ensures it’s not just seen—it’s noticed. By everyone. Probably even Google Earth.


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Now, onto the skeletonized dial that could make a biology teacher proud. You can peer right into the intricate workings of the watch, much like how IShowSpeed’s viewers get to peek into his wild gaming adventures. The dial is surrounded by a neolithic inner ring, which sounds like it was borrowed from a sci-fi spaceship and bâton hands that are probably capable of directing traffic if needed.

Why such a flashy watch, you might ask? Well, when you’re as fast-paced as Speed, you need a watch that can keep up—literally and metaphorically. It’s like wearing a mini Lamborghini on your wrist, except it tells time and doesn’t require a parking space. Plus, this isn’t just any timepiece; it’s a conversation starter. Imagine the chat at a fan meet-up: “Is that the Epic-X Flight of CR7?” “Why, yes, it is. Only 999 are in existence. Please, hold your applause.”


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In all seriousness, whether IShowSpeed is streaming his latest gaming escapade or revving up his Lambo, this watch ensures he’s never late for the action. It’s not just about telling time; it’s about making a statement that screams, “Look fast, because life’s too exciting to miss a second!

So next time you catch IShowSpeed online or speed by in his Lamborghini, remember that his watch isn’t just a fashion accessory. It’s a testament to living life at full throttle, where every second counts and every minute is as precious as rose gold. And let’s be honest, isn’t that just a bit fabulous?

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