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DJ Khaled Hollywood “Walk of Fame Star”

DJ Khaled recently received a Hollywood “Walk of Fame Star”, and was during the unveiling wearing a 40,5mm Patek Philippe Nautilus Chronograph in 18k rose gold with a transparent back case.

The black chronograph dial that features baguette-cut diamond hour markers, is surrounded by diamond bezel and the model comes on a diamond bracelet.

Price market: $673,000.00 USD
Watch reference: 5980/1400R-011

Patek Philippe History

Patek Philippe is among the world’s oldest watchmakers, with a continuous manufacturing history dating back to its foundation. Antoine Norbert de Patek and Jean Adrian Philippe are the two watchmakers who founded Patek Philippe in 1839. Patek Philippe was the name given to the company in 1851. Under this identity, Patek Philippe manufactured the first Swiss timepiece in 1868. Afterward, Patek Philippe underwent several firsts because of their superior expertise, resulting in an extraordinary portfolio of over 100 inventions.

Patek Philippe developed its quality badge for mechanical timepieces in 2009. This Seal affirms the highest quality of Patek Philippe clocks, well exceeding official requirements. In addition, the Patek Philippe Seal covers the entire watch. Besides, it is the only quality assurance that the wristwatch will be maintained throughout its lifetime, regardless of when it was completed. The seal is also governed by strict guidelines and an independent regulatory agency. All of Patek Philippe’s ideals and quality standards are embodied in the Patek Philippe Seal.

About Patek Philippe Nautilus

The Patek Philippe Nautilus defied the conventions of Haute Horlogerie when it was introduced in 1976. This was because of its steel case, octagonal bezel, porthole-inspired design, and horizontal engraved dial layout.

The Auteur, on the other hand, quickly became the most demanded watch from this classical brand. It was mainly because Patek Philippe Nautilus met the needs of the whole innovative group of customers. Most of these clients were famous young men with an active social life who were searching for timepieces with a new sporty appearance while still maintaining classical values.

In addition, the Patek Philippe Nautilus satisfied all of their needs with confidence, thanks to its strong case, which is waterproof up to 120 meters in depth, its recognizable design, and advanced mechanics.

Nautilus 5980 Chronograph

The Nautilus Chronograph was the brand’s first sports chronograph, although the 5990 is now available as well. A monocounter at 6 o’clock keeps track of the chronograph. It can keep track of hours, minutes, and even seconds in one convenient place. Thanks to the vertical clutch initiating the chronograph functionality, you could also operate the chronograph to have a consistent seconds feature. Although the all-steel version is no longer available, Patek still offers two-tone steel and rose gold edition, including a full rose gold variant with a band or bracelet.

The Nautilus chronograph and the 5960P annual calendar chronograph debuted in 2006 with the new CH 28-520 Chrono movement. This is a genuine gemstone of an engine. Besides, the components crammed into the Nautilus 5980’s case are:

  • Maintenance-free ceramic twisty rotor bearings.
  • A vertical clutch that allows the chronograph to operate without any damage continuously.
  • A column wheel that maintains the pusher feel crisp.
  • A 55-hour power reserve that easily outperforms the industry’s 42-hour standard.
  • A free-sprung alignment that withstands shock to promote ultimate timing accuracy.

The dramatic climax of Patek’s in-house creation is a classic Geneva Hallmark seen via the sapphire case back. This mechanism is a love message to the watchmaker’s art’s adoring fans.

Why Choose The Patek Philippe Nautilus?

The Patek Philippe Nautilus has been skilfully redesigned and upgraded for the current lifestyle. Besides, it keeps improving with its unusual appearance. This solid yet stylish sports watch is available in a range of masculine and feminine forms. It is also available in white and rose gold, as well as bicolor styles, in addition to stainless steel.

The Patek Philippe Nautilus is an assertive statement in any model you go for. This is whether it’s in its original form with a blue dial as well as an excellent stainless steel case or a pleasant brown face and rose gold casing, as a chronograph, GMT wristwatch, or a piece with a yearly calendar.

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