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ArtyA Amazonia Chameleon

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Apart from simply showing the time, luxury timepieces have many other functions. As with many other luxuries, a gorgeous, well-made wristwatch conveys information about the wearer’s character and values. The watches from ArtyA are of the greatest quality and are hard to overlook due to their stunning appearance.

In 2010, craftsman Yvan Arpa introduced the ArtyA label. According to conventional watchmakers, he inadvertently rocked the market. You can check out his timepieces to understand why. Also, he has caused a lot of controversy in a very traditional sector by being creative and controversial.

ArtyA is a shortening for Artwork by Yvan Arpa. When questioned about where he found his motivation, Arpa, who was known as a “watchmaking hooligan,” said that drinking provided him with a plethora of ideas.

Whatever your opinion of Arpa, ArtyA timepieces are easily distinguishable from a distance. They are both highly well-crafted and profoundly potent at the same time. Besides, they are the pinnacle of luxurious watches because of their mastery of expertise, creativity, as well as emotion.

About Amazonia Chameleon:

Thanks to the Amazonia Chameleon’s extraordinary work of art, you’ll feel the sensation of wearing an item symbolizing the forest on your wrist. The clear dial of the changing-tone casing, which was created using innovative and cutting-edge technology designed by ArtyA, is handcrafted with natural plants from the Amazonian jungle, a few pieces of butterfly wings, with golden leaves. This remarkable creation by Yvan Arpa and Dominique Arpa-Cirpka will enthrall lovers of excellent artwork.

You can see the ArtyA gold “shams” skeletonized mechanical movement in the back. On the other hand, a greenish porosus strap completes the look.


Photo: Calibre


Since 2020, ArtyA has been producing nano-sapphire casings that can change color based on illumination, as was originally demonstrated in the ArtyA Purity Tourbillon Chameleon. The “Chameleon” casing is yellow under natural sunlight. However, when subjected to artificial lighting (6500K or more), it promptly and fully transforms into a translucent, enigmatic green.

The revolutionary ArtyA Nano-Sapphire wristwatch casing is made of an optical clear polycrystalline component called ArtyA. It is the product of glass crystallization with distinct chemical characteristics from ordinary glass. The company is the first to use nano-sapphire technology to change the color of the sapphire crystal case within the watch market. As suggested by the name of the timepiece, the 46-millimeter-diameter nano-sapphire crystal case of the most recent Amazonia Chameleon is a true chameleon.

Two main oxides—SiO2 and Al2O3—serve as the basis for the multi-element, high-temperature synthesis used to create this substance. Additionally, it is one of many glass-ceramic alloys that have been around for more than 50 years and are available in a wide range of formulations and uses. Also, these oxides have a significant role in the composition of several natural gemstones.

Nevertheless, only one company has altered today’s technique to produce a substance specifically made for jewelry and clocks. 1700 ° C is the temperature at which this element must be created, compared to 700 ° C for glasses. Furthermore, ArtyA is the first company to use it in a watch case.

This casing material’s exceptional solidity—7 per the Mohs hardness scale, which is far greater than glass’s rating of 5—guarantees its durability. Likewise, the Nano-Sapphire casing is clear and contains much to display.

Because of how translucent the Nano-Sapphire case is, it provides a lot to showcase and almost nothing to hide. The movement’s skeletonization is pushed to its furthest extent in its quest for transparency, highlighting the astonishing delicacy of its intricate core. Each part of the movement receives a hand polish and a fine beveling. To optimize their resistant qualities, the skeletonized bridges underwent thorough validation tests.

Generally, the extraordinary advancement of Nano-Sapphire color-changing technology has been a singular creation across the history of the watch business. However, ArtyA is still dedicated to enhancing traditional Swiss excellent manufacturing. As a result, the ArtyA Amazonia Chameleon expertly and creatively blends the best aspects of the modern and futuristic worlds.

ArtyA new watchmaking techniques:

Less than 10 employees make up Arpa’s staff, which is situated in the middle of Geneva, Switzerland, the birthplace of fine watches. Viewers have called his creations “indefinable, uncategorizable, inventive, and trendsetting.”

The handcrafted dials throughout the lines were created by Yvan Arpa’s spouse, designer Dominique Arpa-Cirpka. They used a variety of methods, most of which are novel to the watchmaking industry.

Creative methods, unique materials, and breath-taking patterns to create it all successfully define the ArtyA company. Take the Tesla Skeleton Tourbillon as just a reference. He used lightning captured from a Tesla wire to etch the casings, making it difficult to duplicate even one watch. The strap for this timepiece was made of cane toad skin. Likewise, lightning couldn’t hurt the cane toad, in accordance with an Amazonian tradition.

ArtyA Intelligence and Art:

You could be seeing more ArtyA timepieces in the coming years that blend classic watchmaking techniques with advanced smart clocks. Using a smartwatch, you can stay informed without needing to take out your cell phone. Although they can read the time, their key features are remote phone management and notification-receiving capabilities.

Arpa isn’t hesitant to combine the ancient and the contemporary, as one might expect. Your finest smartwatch’s innovative performance will be merged with Arpa’s distinctive, irreverent design in an ArtyA smartwatch.

Maintain a close watch on this designer since he’s constantly coming up with new ideas. Regardless of the timepiece you choose, you can be guaranteed that it’s going to be unique. Each watch has a unique code, and most are one-of-a-kind.

There’s no doubt that lovers of these fine timepieces are delighted. On the other hand, anybody who wishes to possess a work of art or a historical item finds them to be fascinating. The works of Arpa can also be seen in museums all over the planet, so expect a price war if you encounter one at a private bidding auction.

Overall, an ArtyA wristwatch could be the answer you’re searching for if you want a high-end timepiece that feels fantastic, functions flawlessly, and features the ability to initiate and halt discussions.


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