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Complexity, sportiness, and elegance transposed in a cutting edge timepiece

Photo: ArtyA


Four years separate us from the release of the first Son of Gears Chronographs collection by ArtyA. With the uncompromising success of the first series of unique pieces, it is with pride that the independent Geneva-based brand now presents a collection that has been crafted and cared for down to the last detail. Numerous developments have been made to offer exclusive timepieces and know-how in line with the development of the Swiss brand.

A handmade dial
All the pieces in this collection are equipped with handmade enamel dials. This material offers infinite depth of color and unique sparkles. In addition to the power produced by this technique, we can offer a huge range of colors, multiplying the possible combinations.


Photo: ArtyA


Photo: ArtyA


To adorn these colors, ArtyA had to develop indexes capable of standing out. The choice of these claws offers a charismatic, and powerful rendering. Available in rhodium-plated steel, black, or 5N gold, they are always perfectly integrated to crown the different enamel colors.

Contemporary cases

To satisfy all expectations and uses, ArtyA has proposed a range of three different cases for its new chronographs. The first two are in steel, rhodium-plated or with black DLC treatment. With their timeless design, they give a sporty or distinguished appearance depending on the composition in which they are associated.

The third case is inevitably the product of ArtyA’s specialization in this cutting-edge material, sapphire crystal. With its unequalled transparency and lightness, it transmits an unparalleled energy to its wearer. Thanks to its luminosity, it is without a doubt the best way to highlight its enamel dial and skeletonized movement.


Photo: ArtyA


This case is incredibly scratch proof because of the remarkable hardness of sapphires
– 9 on the Moh’s scale (apx 1800 Vickers) the third hardest mineral, after diamond at 10 and moissanite at 9,5. This is why it is long difficult and costly to create a full sapphire case to the high standard of ArtyA. There is another side for ArtyA that is of high interest to us, sapphire have properties and powers that we can feel and enjoy or at least consider positively.

The sapphire has, for centuries, been seen as a symbol of heavens, a guardian of innocence, a bestower of truth, a promoter of good health, and a preserver of chastity. It is believed to brings gifts of fulfillment, joy, prosperity, inner peace and beauty. Some wore it to ward off illness or as protection while traveling

A skeleton chronograph

The new ArtyA movement is a skeletonized automatic chronograph with date. The complexity of its heart can be admired through its entirely hand-cut plate inspired by the iconic ArtyA Shams design. With a deep color work, it can be weighted in a tone on tone or offer a contrast between the plate and bridges highlighting the sunburst of its Shams skeleton.

The whole movement is designed for harmony between functions, art and aesthetics. It is the link between many collections of the Geneva brand, combining technicality, know-how, and authenticity.

Its imposing oscillating weight can be seen on the back of the piece, moving above a magnificent watchmaking spectacle. The whole is pleasantly visible thanks to its large opening.

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