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Greubel Forsey Double Balancier Convexe SHH Edition


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With the launch of the newest store of the renowned premium watch shop Sincere Haute Horlogerie (SHH) in Singapore, Greubel Forsey recently introduced the brand-new Double Balancier Convexe SHH Edition. The SHH variant of the piece, which features two balance wheels connected by a variance, is encased in the sleek “Convexe” casing that distinguishes Greubel Forsey’s sporting watches. This is eye-catching in an uncommonly modern purple hue for this sophisticated timepiece. 

The company, thanks to the revamped Double Balancier, an Haute Horlogerie sporting watch with eye-catching color and the essential attached strap, will undoubtedly intrigue a modern generation. Handful Greubel Forsey (GF) pieces have been adorned in stunning colors. This is despite the fact that the brand’s ever-expanding selection of sports pieces is usually avant-garde, even in its most traditional circular shape.


Photo: Revolution Watch


The color purple can be either the majestic hue of Roman rulers or the bright color of the Joker in Batman. Thankfully, the SHH Edition is executed flawlessly. The watch also comes with two other straps, one subdued black that softens the appearance when the purple strap is too bright for you. 

Besides the strap, the majority of the purple components are on the device’s titanium core plate beneath the dial. Therefore, collectors who value history will undoubtedly love the evident mechanisms and decorating because the extremely mechanical appearance of GF persists as promised.


Photo: Revolution Watch


Additionally, GMT Sport introduced the ovoid casing three years ago and has now developed into a full-fledged line of sporting watches. It is known as “Collection Convexe” and highlights the prominence of the integrated-bracelet sporting watch subgenre. But while the watch comes with three rubber bands, the SHH Edition also offers an added titanium band that blends in well with the casing.

The Convexe is as big as a conventional GF case and is 3D like a typical GF casing. However, it stands out because of its streamlined form that eliminates the protrusions previously associated with the company’s designs. In other words, downward-sloping lugs and combined design create a casing that feels smaller than its apparent size.

When it comes to the SHH Edition movement, it features a face that is largely open-worked and has a lot of technical complexity to appreciate. These include the 3D structure and excellent polish, set upon a purple background. The more interesting feature is the regulatory device, two inclined balancing wheels connected by a long steel bridge with mirror-polished mirrors. They are both traditional oscillators, not tourbillons.


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However, because of their inclination placements and the significant differential which links them, they help to improve timekeeping. Just over the upper right-hand balancing, a little seconds marker enables the movement to demonstrate its chronometric capabilities.

Basically, Greubel Forsey introduced the complexity about ten years ago in a much more traditional configuration. Since then, it has gone through various iterations, among them one with a transparent sapphire crystal casing. The Double Balancier movement, however, debuted in the Convexe sporting watch casing in 2022. 

The piece is also made up of dual balances that are constantly in distinct relative locations and sit each tilted at 30 degrees off the horizontal on opposing sides. They will, therefore, beat with various and contrasting positional faults. 


Photo: SJX Watches


The carved writing on the main plate is yet another aspect worth mentioning. It is completed in a contemporary font that contrasts with the remainder of the lettering on the timepiece. It contrasts with the 2 signatures’ cursive writing. However, contrasted with the more traditional font employed for everything else, it may appear strange.

In general, the Double Balancier Convexe, already remarkable in its basic black and grey color, has been rendered far more remarkable with the SHH Edition. The SHH Edition is undoubtedly superior if you prefer bold visuals and luxurious artistry. The device is now a sports piece that embodies the collecting cultures of today thanks to its purple revamp. It also marks a kind of breakthrough for a company that has previously been much more conservative. 

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