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SUPERWATCHMAN Celebrating 75 Years of Seamaster with OMEGA in Mykonos: An Unforgettable Experience

CEO Raynald Aeschlimann + brand ambassadors of OMEGA.

Recently, I had the incredible opportunity to celebrate the 75th anniversary of OMEGA’s Seamaster collection in the beautiful island of Mykonos, Greece. This extraordinary event, attended by an impressive lineup of celebrity guests, marked the launch of the Seamaster in Summer Blue collection. From luxurious accommodations to engaging talks and breathtaking experiences, my time with OMEGA in Mykonos was truly unforgettable.

As I arrived at the airport in Mykonos, I was warmly greeted by an OMEGA representative holding a sign, making me feel instantly welcomed. The transportation arrangements organized by OMEGA were seamless, ensuring a hassle-free journey from the airport to the magnificent Mykonos Blu, where I would be staying throughout the event.

The Mykonos Blu exceeded all expectations, offering a luxurious and captivating atmosphere. Nestled on the stunning coastline of Mykonos, this five-star hotel provided breathtaking views of the Aegean Sea and a tranquil escape from the bustling world. The impeccable service and attention to detail made every moment truly exceptional.

OMEGA’s attention to detail extended to the dress code for each event. On the evening of June 26th, we enjoyed a delightful welcome dinner where the dress code was set to Smart Casual, complemented by the presence of our cherished OMEGA timepieces. Throughout the day on June 27th, the dress code transitioned to Casual Chic, followed by the Night Event with the theme of Mykonos Chic. Each occasion allowed us to express our personal style while highlighting our beloved OMEGA watches.


Brand ambassadors Blair Tuke and Peter Burling.


The program for the event was thoughtfully crafted, ensuring an immersive and insightful experience for all attendees. The morning of June 27th began with captivating presentations and talks by prominent individuals who shared their expertise and passion for ocean sustainability, exploration, and OMEGA’s legacy. From Pete and Blair’s talk on Ocean Sustainability to Victor Vescovo’s discussion on Ocean Exploration, each session offered a unique perspective and inspired us all.


Wristshot with Superwatchman x Peter x Blair.


Additionally, talks by Gregory Kissling and Loïc Voumard shed light on the new Seamaster products and Seamaster Legacy, respectively, igniting our enthusiasm for the brand.


Marvelous piece, The 1932 Omega Marine, and the worlds first ever divers watch 💧⏱️🌊It is an inspire design to Cartier, and other famous brands focusing on square shaped watches. It features a 27 mm case in 14-carat yellow gold, a black dial, and made to resemble of pocket, since they were the thing back There is a hinged lid to keep out dust and an inner and outer compartment that slide together, held in place by a hinged hook. Price market: unknown for this example since it is an Omega Museum watch but similars models can be found for around $7,000 USD. Photo: Superwatchman


A highlight of the event was the launch of the Seamaster in Summer Blue collection. This exceptional range of watches consisted of seven iconic models, each representing the water resistance of the timepiece with varying shades of blue. From the Seamaster Aqua Terra 150M, perfect for life on deck, to the Seamaster Planet Ocean Ultra Deep 6,000M, designed for the depths of the ocean, the collection showcased OMEGA’s commitment to precision and innovation.

The presence of renowned personalities from the worlds of sports, entertainment, and exploration added an extra touch of glamour to the event. We had the privilege of mingling with celebrities such as George Clooney, Naomie Harris, Victor Vescovo, Blair Tuke, and Peter Burling.

George Clooney


Their presence exemplified the global admiration for OMEGA and their shared passion for the Seamaster collection.


Naomie Harris

Conclusion: As the celebrations concluded, OMEGA’s Seamaster event in Mykonos culminated in a beautiful candlelit dinner by the beach, capturing the essence of this remarkable occasion dedicated to the sea. The event left a lasting impression on all who attended, symbolizing the enduring legacy of the Seamaster collection and OMEGA’s commitment to excellence. I am grateful for the opportunity to have been a part of this extraordinary experience, celebrating 75 years of Seamaster with OMEGA.

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