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Patek Philippe Nautilus reference 3800 with an embossed dark-blue dial

Music mogul Jay-Z was during game five of the 2022 NBA Finals in San Francisco wearing a discontinued Patek Philippe Nautilus reference 3800, with an embossed dark-blue dial that features brilliant-cut factory diamond hour markers. This rare vintage bird has a 37mm case in 18k yellow gold, a bezel, and half of the bracelet set with brilliant-cut diamonds.

Overall Description

Patek Philippe Nautilus’s timepiece is part of a line that emerged in 1981. The Patek Philippe Nautilus 3800 line debuted barely five years following Patek Philippe’s Nautilus 3700, a Gérald Genta design. The Patek Philippe Nautilus 3800 issued a comment at its launch that was received worldwide. Besides, it’s a remark that still resonates with the exclusive community of timepiece connoisseurs today.

The Patek Philippe Nautilus 3800 was designed to be an elegant, mid-size Patek Philippe watch. It’s also a piece for Patek fans who prefer the size of Patek’s dress timepieces yet want something more sporty. Thus, the Nautilus 3800 is perfect for such a situation. With its dark-blue dial and brilliant-cut diamond markers, it is sportive yet still has a classical event style.

From the casing to the clasp, the Patek Philippe 3800 was made with the very same high degree of metallurgy. It’s of the highest possible quality and finishing, as you’d anticipate of Patek Philippe. The watch faces are regularly polished and high-brushed, making it look like a valuable stone sparkling with contrast. The clasp, bezel, casing, and the bracelet’s edge are all wonderfully created to Patek Philippe’s level. In this case, the unique, high-quality workmanship has been retained to perfection.

The caseback is robust, thanks to the original copyright Gérald Genta concept and a more pricey front-loader design. This allows the dial, movement, and other internal parts to be installed from beneath the bezel instead of through the caseback. The case’s wings function as anchoring points, keeping the watch’s display in place and providing the piece with the essential water resistance of up to 120 meters.

The smooth octagonal bezel is a Nautilus trademark. It has a gleaming appearance and creates a seamless transition from the casing, nearly as if they are the same thing. The openings on both edges of the bezel hold the front and back of the casing in place and keep everything waterproof.

The Calibre 335 Seconde Centrale (SC) is a Patek Philippe in-house movement that derives from the company’s decision to design its thin mechanical movement. This is the reason the piece’s thickness is so incredibly slim.

In addition, the Calibre 335 SC is a significantly more modern movement. It features 29 jewels, a core rotor, a shock-absorber, and a super-thin self-winding movement with a sweeping second hand as well as the date. It also boasts a gold rotor featuring Geneva stripes in a circular pattern, a Gyromax balancing wheel, and a 3Hz rate.

Overall, the discontinued Patek Philippe 3800 is exceedingly difficult to come by, particularly in such good condition. It’s one of Patek Philippe’s most desired and legendary timepieces. Vintage piece collectors all over the globe also seek this classic piece.

Market price: $130,000.00 USD

Photo: Getty Images

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