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Michelle Yeoh’s Richard Mille RM 59-01 Tourbillon

In the glitzy world of Hollywood, where red carpets are rolled out like VIP runways, Michelle Yeoh not only secured the Best Actress Oscar in 2023 but also left us all star-struck with her choice of wrist candy. Hold on to your seats, folks, because Yeoh graced the ceremony sporting none other than the Richard Mille RM 59-01 Tourbillon, a watch that’s not just a timepiece but a cinematic masterpiece in its own right. Let’s dive into the glamour and giggles of this horological saga!

Michelle Yeoh, with an Oscar in one hand and the Richard Mille RM 59-01 Tourbillon in the other, is strutting down the red carpet like she owns the place. The watch, made in collaboration with Jamaican sprinter Yohan Blake, is not just a time-telling accessory; it’s a speed demon in the world of haute horlogerie. The watch’s ultra-light and aerodynamic design are as Oscar-worthy as Yeoh’s acceptance speech, ensuring it meets all the requirements of a sprinter—because, you know, you never know when a spontaneous sprint might break out at the Oscars!

This brings us to the subject of the watch’s case, which is an asymmetrical piece of art rather than just any case. Crafted with a translucent composite of injected carbon nanotubes, it’s like Yeoh said, “Why settle for symmetrical when asymmetry is the new black?” The limited edition of 50 pieces adds an extra touch of exclusivity—because winning an Oscar is great, but winning an Oscar with a watch only 49 other people can have? That’s next-level winning!

In the world of Hollywood glamour, where couture gowns and dazzling jewels are the norm, Yeoh decided to take a different route. A route where her wrist isn’t just adorned with diamonds but with a piece of horological ingenuity that could probably perform its Oscar-worthy monologue. “And the award for the Best Wrist Presence goes to… the Richard Mille RM 59-01 Tourbillon!”

Let us now discuss Yeoh’s “red carpet” tactic. While some celebrities play it safe with timeless classics, Yeoh decided to team up with Yohan Blake and Richard Mille to create a watch that’s as avant-garde as her on-screen performances. It’s like she said, “Why be just an Oscar winner when you can be an Oscar winner with a wrist game that stops traffic?”

As we revel in Yeoh’s Oscar glory, it’s hard not to imagine the watch having a personality of its own. Perhaps it boasts to other watches on the red carpet, “Oh, you’re automatic? How quaint! I’m a tourbillon, darling!” It might even engage in a little horological banter, making jokes about time flying when you’re having fun at the after-party.


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In conclusion, Michelle Yeoh didn’t just win an Oscar; she won the red carpet with a wrist game that’s as bold and brilliant as her acting career. The Richard Mille RM 59-01 Tourbillon is not just a watch; it’s a co-star, sharing the spotlight with Yeoh and adding a touch of humor and sophistication to Hollywood’s most glamorous night. Here’s to Yeoh, the queen of the Oscars and the red-carpet ruler!

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