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Anuel’s Rocking A Richard Mille RM 35-02 Rafael Nadal Edition


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You might think your wrist has seen it all, from those tight hair elastics to the occasional accidental dip in the sink while you’re doing dishes. But let me tell you, it’s got nothing on the battle-hardened wrists of tennis greats. Speaking of tough wrists and tougher watches, Puerto Rican rapper Anuel AA has recently been spotted with a timepiece that’s usually reserved for sports legends. He’s rocking a Richard Mille RM 35-02, a watch that screams luxury louder than fans at a concert!

Now, this isn’t just any watch. This is the Rafael Nadal edition—yes, designed for the King of Clay himself. It comes in a striking 44.5 mm case made of red TPT quartz, which isn’t just a fancy way of saying “pretty tough.” This material is like the superhero of watch casings, forged in the fires of extreme conditions, probably akin to surviving a family Thanksgiving dinner unscathed.


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But it’s not just about being tough. The dial is transparent, which means you can peer into its soul – and see that it’s just as complex inside as your ex. But way more reliable! Anuel snagged this gem at Avi & Co. because when you’re a star of his caliber, you don’t just walk into any store and buy a watch; you make a statement.

The watch itself is engineered to withstand the rigorous thrashing it would receive on the wrist of Rafael Nadal during a five-set thriller at the French Open. That’s right, this watch can survive a 120mph serve and still ask, “Is that all you got?” Imagine strapping one of these bad boys on your wrist; you’d feel compelled to start grunting every time you reached for your morning coffee or swung your grocery bag.

Jokes aside, Anuel wearing this watch is a collision of worlds—urban beats meet elite athletics. It’s like dipping fries in a milkshake; you wouldn’t think it works, but it does, wonderfully so. This combo of high-end street cred with high-performance sports luxury really sets a new bar for rapper accessories. Forget chains and grills; it’s time to check if your watch can handle a grand slam.

So, if you ever feel like your watch isn’t doing enough, remember: Anuel’s watch is out there, probably doing push-ups, waiting for the next challenge. And if it’s good enough for a tennis legend and a reggaeton superstar, it’s probably good enough for your wild adventures, like braving the weekend IKEA rush or surviving a toddler’s birthday party. Now that’s what I call high performance!

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