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ArtyA NanoSapphire Bicolor

Photo: ArtyA

After many years of study and experimentation, the Swiss luxury wristwatch company ArtyA unveils a brand-new world first; watches with NanoSapphire casings that are completely two-tone in the mass. ArtyA combined the two primary compounds, SiO2 and Al2O3, at high temperatures.

Most pure gems have these oxides as essential constituents. However, this element can only be created above 1700°C, as opposed to 700°C for glass. 

By modifying such a technique, ArtyA produced a homogenous material that is especially tough and challenging to manufacture and is designed for the watch industry. In addition to the pristine sapphire lines, it became the first firm in the world to employ it in a timepiece casing starting in 2017.

Compared to glass, which offers a Mohs toughness of 5, NanoSapphire does have an excellent hardness of 7, which is significantly greater. This ensures the strength of this lovely, light-playing material.


Photo: ArtyA

Overall, these ArytA timepieces come in varying case sizes of 39, 41, and 46 millimeters. The company’s classic collections include a number of items from this ground-breaking worldwide first.

  • Son of Earth

These timepieces do more than just mimic a butterfly’s shape, color, and style. Real butterfly wings, coloring agents, tobacco leaves, gold leaf, and several other natural components were successfully merged into the dial by designer D. Arpa-Cirpka. The outcome was the most distinctive artwork under the strict monitoring of the pertinent regulators and with their complete approval. In addition, these one-of-a-kind, custom pieces are extremely innovative and unheard of in the manufacturing industry. 

The latest two-tone NanoSapphire casing for the Son of Earth timepieces is currently available. They are Swiss-made pieces and come in 39 millimeters in size. The cases are made entirely of anti-reflection NanoSapphire in two tones. Likewise, the dial is handcrafted with actual butterfly wings and organic colors, while the strap features a hand-made leather strap with distinctive ArtyA stitching.

When it comes to movement, the watches are driven by the Lajoux Perret G100 movement, which is automatic. It also has up to 60 hours of power reserve with minutes, seconds, and hours functions, including 30-meter waterproofness. Lastly, the crown features a two-colored NanoSapphire and screwed-open complete sapphire back casing. 

  • Son of Gears

A skeleton’s purpose is to display motion, mechanics, and aesthetic beauty fully. ArtyA bridges extremes and builds a new innovative channel by fusing a movement dressed in the barest essentials with the absolute comfort of a life-giving celestial body.

The Spark, the company’s latest skeletonized movement, is included in this lineup. It pays homage to ArtyA’s well-known Shams movement. 

The Spark is founded on a vintage, dome-shaped caliber from the 1960s, which has been skeletonized and upgraded. This is to increase dependability and provide a compact skeletonized movement.

In terms of technical features, this 39mm ArtyA Spark skeleton comes complete bicolor NanoSapphire casing with an anti-reflective finish. Similarly, the movement has a PVD coating, while the strap is hand-made with distinctive ArtyA stitching.

The watch functions include minutes, seconds, and hours. It also has a power reserve of 46 hours and 30 meters of water resistance. 

  • Complications

From the Minute Repeater to the Perpetual Calendar, ArtyA provides a variety of complicated timepieces. They include tourbillon chronographs and controllers featuring a minute repeater and a twin-axis tourbillon. 

The company investigates every high-complexity axes. However, the Purity Tiny Tourbillon, a focus on technology still unmatched worldwide, is the only way to recognize this world first. It features a dual barrel 4 Hertz tourbillon movement prompted by the Purity Tourbillon 46 millimeter, its larger counterpart. Besides, it has undergone a complete makeover.

Thanks to the pressure of the two barrels, it has excellent chronometric dependability. Stability is provided by 4 Hz, substantially higher than most tourbillons currently in use.

The large tourbillon featuring a 17mm thickness now has a conventional reset. In addition, the functions include minutes, hours, and seconds on flying tourbillon. 

Moreover, with a 72-hour power reserve, this 39mm watch comes in a complete bicolor NanoSapphire crystal casing. It also has a waterproofing level of up to 30 meters. 

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