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Introducing the Capsule Collection by Carl F. Bucherer

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The year 2023 will be significant for Carl F. Bucherer (CFB). Firstly, it’s the 135th birthday of CFB, a watchmaker with headquarters in Lucerne. Furthermore, the company’s main goals are to advance, reinvent itself, and offer something novel and unique. In the coming years, Carl F. Bucherer’s timepieces will undoubtedly adopt a new aesthetic language that is more modern, daring, and unique.

In addition to the Carl F. Bucherer Capsule Collection, this new age officially began a few days ago. Five pieces, all inspired by current models—the most symbolic ones—have been given a more potent and contemporary appearance by being recreated in black DLC or forged carbon. What’s more, these watches have a strong message.

  1. Manero Tourbillon Double Peripheral Black

The Carl F. Bucherer Manero Tourbillon Double Peripheral Black is the most intricate variant in this Capsule Collection. This version features a forged carbon casing and COSC-certified movement with Double Peripheral technology housed in a titanium case. The movement also has a patented peripherally mounted floating tourbillon in addition to being self-wound by a peripheral rotor.


Photo: Carl F. Bucherer


Furthermore, this CFB T3000 manufacturing caliber is displayed in a distinctive, dark grey-treated finish that fits the remainder of the piece. It also has a 65-hour power reserve, is a chronometer, and is exhibited uniquely. Lastly, it is a limited edition with only 30 copies.

  1. Manero Peripheral BigDate Black

The latest Manero Peripheral BigDate Black, introduced in 2021 to add a new twist to the Manero line, is a variant of a traditional concept in the family. The dial is matte black in this edition, while the casing is once more made of forged carbon. With its tiny seconds, battery reserve indication, huge dual-digit date, and day-of-the-week aperture, the display is also accustomed.


Photo: Carl F. Bucherer


Furthermore, a new variation of the in-house caliber CFB A2011, notable for its periphery wheel, is housed within the 41.6mm casing. It displays angular and pointed arches, which are coated in dark grey, and has a pleasant 65-hour power reserve. Also, with a COSC accreditation, the Manero Peripheral BigDate Black is a special edition of only 188 copies.

  1. The Manero Peripheral Perpetual Calendar Black

The Manero Peripheral Perpetual Calendar Black is another intricate timepiece. Previously prompted by an ETA2892, the caliber A2055, an internal peripheral movement, now drives the piece. It is also offered in a thin-striped, dark-treated variant.


Photo: Carl F. Bucherer


With its 41.6mm forged carbon casing and matte black dial with complementing rhodium-plated indexes, markings, and tracks, the piece itself mirrors the tourbillon. Furthermore, it is an 88-piece limited edition.

  1. Manero Flyback Black

This infinite watch, which embodies one of Carl F. Bucherer’s best-selling timepieces, features a striking 43mm DLC-treated stainless-steel casing with a deep black matte polished surface.


Photo: Carl F. Bucherer


It is powered by the CFB 1970 caliber that includes a chronograph and flyback capabilities. The piece also features a quick-release mechanism as well as a hybrid rubber band boasting a “pyramid” pattern.

  1. Heritage BiCompax Annual Black

This is another CFB legendary watch. The dial has two chronograph registers, a large date, and is composed of stainless steel that has been DLC polished.


Photo: Monochrome


Furthermore, the CFB 1972 caliber offers its yearly calendar feature, requiring only a single date adjustment per year. This is housed inside a 41mm casing with a quick-release mechanism and a hybrid rubber strap featuring a “Clous de Paris” pattern.

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