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The New Rolex Oyster Perpetual Yacht-Master 42

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Every year, new watches are released, and recently, Rolex became the center of attention as it introduced its 2022 innovations. The brand-new Yacht-Master 42 in yellow gold is one of them.

The Yacht-Master, first introduced in 1992 and dubbed Rolex’s “piece of the open seas,” has evolved into the company’s opulent maritime timepiece. The most recent iteration debuted in 2019 with a redesigned 42-millimeter case dimension and a white gold casing (ref. 226659).

Typically, Rolex reminds everyone that the 2022 Yacht-Master “in no way changes its path,” which is to be expected from a company that prefers gradual development to radical change. Similar to the 42-millimeter white gold edition, the contemporary yellow gold variant is equipped with Rolex’s most recent automated movement. It also comes in a black rubber Oysterflex band, as well as a black bidirectional revolving bezel featuring a Cerachrom inlay.

  • Oyster Case

The 42-millimeter Oyster casing of this latest Yacht-Master is water-resistant up to 100 meters. It is also composed of a solid chunk of 18-carat yellow gold. The unusual bidirectional revolving bezel has elevated, mirror-coated graduations and numbers on a matte black Cerachrom inlay. Rolex invented and trademarked Cerachrom, a tough ceramic alloy that is almost scratch-proof and resistant to corrosion and UV.


Photo: Monochrome


The raised black numbers showing 0 to 60 minutes are set against the matte black ceramic, which has been sandblasted to give it a more modern, technical appearance. Likewise, the bezel features a solid grip, thanks to the yellow-golden edge’s knurling. On the other hand, the tightly sealed caseback with its delicate border fluting ensures that exclusively Rolex watch manufacturers have access to the movement.

In addition, the casing has a Triplock wound crown, as other Yacht-Master watches do. Besides, a sapphire crystal featuring a Cyclops lens at three o’clock to check the date shields the display.

The Yacht-Master watch is also available in two-tone, oystersteel, with platinum finishes. However, the Yacht-Master’s distinctive, opulently modern feel results from the blend of a valuable metal casing and a black bezel, dial, and rubber strap, as well as the launch of a 42mm case diameter in 2019.

The Yacht-Master is obviously diverted from the tool timepiece and elite diving watch waters. It is then directed to actions over the deck due to the absence of luminous elements on the bezel as well as the pure yellow-golden casing.

  • The Dial 

The attached yellow gold hourly markings (rectangle-shaped, circular, and rectangle) on the black polished dial of this Rolex Yacht-Master 42 are coated with Chromalight. This is Rolex’s proprietary illuminating compound that generates a durable blue glow in the


Photo: Monochrome


darkness. The minutes, middle seconds, and iconic Mercedes hour hands are all made of gold and given a similar luminous coating as the hour markings.

  • The movement

The caliber 3235, first presented in 2015 to substitute the venerable caliber 3135, is currently Rolex’s premier date-feature movement. No less than 14 trademarks cover it. The innovative Chronergy escapement represents the most important advance.

Nearly 50% of the sturdy 70-hour power reserve could be due to the uniquely created escapement composed of anti-magnetic nickel-phosphorous. In the event of shocks, a Parachrom hairspring mounted on Paraflex shock absorbers, which is also invulnerable to electromagnetic fields and changes in temperature, provides 10 times more accuracy than a conventional hairspring.


Photo: Monochrome


Furthermore, with a range of only -2/+2 seconds each day, Calibre 3235 became the inaugural movement to earn Rolex’s accreditation like a Superlative Chronometer. The green mark included with each Rolex piece and has a global five-year warranty serves as a symbol of the Superlative Chronometer grade.

  • Oysterflex Bracelet

With its concealed architecture of elastic and bent metal blades, the sleek black elastomer strap that has emerged as a defining characteristic of the Yacht-Master mimics the durability and dependability of a metallic bracelet. Moreover, the Glidelock expansion mechanism on the Oysterlock foldable buckle in 18k yellow gold enables modifications of 15 millimeters without equipment.

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