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TAG Heuer Connected Calibre E4 Sports Edition

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With its inaugural TAG Heuer Connected wristwatch in 2015, TAG Heuer transformed the high-end watch industry. The Swiss designer has recently emerged as an important player in the premium connected timepiece market, increasing its collection and evolving into a household name, especially in golfing. TAG Heuer is now extending its selection to all dedicated sportspeople with the release of the 45MM TAG Heuer Connected Calibre E4 Sport Edition.

The TAG Heuer Connected Calibre E4 Sport Edition can track any sports activity with a larger information collection because of its additional features and revamped strap. TAG Heuer seized full advantage of the chance to unveil a brand-new “Trail & Hiking” program for athletes and hikers who like the mountains and climbing further or higher than anybody else by scheduling the introduction of a software upgrade for mid-February. 


Photo: TAG Heuer


A redesigned strap that goes beyond simply being aesthetically beautiful immediately sets this new Sport Edition apart. The user’s experience while in motion is improved by using rubber. On the other hand, the bracelet has fine netting in dual color motifs, an invention that improves skin ventilation.

This most recent Connected wristwatch by TAG Heuer has a pin clasp on the band as well. It enables the clock to fit impeccably to the customer’s wrist when moving, despite the fact that client experiences and research have revealed that it’s not unusual for the hands of sporty people to add considerable volume when exercising. Even so, this is essential for the owner to feel comfortable donning the TAG Heuer Connected piece to the fullest. 


Photo: TAG Heuer


For this latest version, the in-house designers of TAG Heuer Connected have introduced a new characteristic: the refined application of the barometer allows for the measurement of the slopes of sports activities, an element that TAG Heuer users much desire. The capability of the TAG Heuer Connected Caliber E4 that drives its most recent series of connected timepieces served as the foundation for this new option.


Photo: TAG Heuer


The additional Trail & Hiking actions function will increase the device’s multisport capabilities by utilizing the barometer. The client can thus keep track of their attempts throughout the session by switching the main measure to Altitude Gained. He/she can also examine their speed and see how the altitude influenced it after the exercise using the TAG Heuer companion phone application. Moreover, this feature makes it possible to monitor their altitude and view the session’s lowest and highest altitudes on a separate screen.

The stainless crown has been covered with a rubber inlay on all 45mm variants, making it simpler to grip. This is, however, the final component to aid sporting activities. The rubber crown also allows usage with wet hands, a new element that hard-core sports aficionados will widely appreciate.


Photo: TAG Heuer


The TAG Heuer Connected Calibre E4 Sport Edition stays loyal to the principles of the innovator in premium connected timepieces with its revised strap structure, streamlined crown application, and new barometer features. It comprises technology that adjusts to the user’s requirements, features that help novice and skilled athletes attain their specific goals and an exquisite design that exudes natural and modern beauty.


Photo: TAG Heuer


The black sandblasted titanium casing of the TAG Heuer Connected Calibre E4 Sport Edition matches the clip fastening on the bracelet. Titanium gives this extremely sporting timepiece a sophisticated look while making it lighter. Also, the Connected device’s sleek appearance is further emphasized by the ceramic bezel.

The end of January 2023 will mark the release of the 45-millimeter TAG Heuer Connected Calibre E4 Sport Edition. Notably, the customized strap is offered in three hues: red, orange, and blue, and it also is substitutable. 

About TAG Heuer Watches 

TAG Heuer continues to be among the top watch companies in history thanks to their innovative designs, illustrious past in high-performance motorsport, and ongoing investments in the Swiss watch industry. The timepieces, which adorn the wrists of both genders, are renowned for their incredibly high standards of accuracy, performance, and style. 


Photo: TAG Heuer


With more than 50 years of expertise, TAG Heuer has carved its niche in the watch industry and has successfully met every difficulty. As a result, the brand’s clocks are known for their sports luxury and offer a wide selection of Swiss automated and quartz pieces. 

Additionally, TAG Heuer brings to life high-end smartwatches with stylish designs and cutting-edge features. With a TAG Heuer Connected timepiece, you can easily monitor your digital lifestyle and be prepared for every occasion, whether you want to evaluate your effectiveness, track your wellness, or remain connected. 

Remarkably, you can adjust your device’s face with a single click and switch from a leather strap to a rubber band. Alternatively, thanks to the evolutive idea, you can choose different shades based on your wardrobe for an entirely new look.

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