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Sultan Mohammad – Jacob and Co. Twin Turbo

Sultan Mohammad JacobancoThe former king of Malaysia, sultan Muhammad V, is wearing the huge 53mm titanium and carbon fiber Jacob and Co. Twin Turbo with the power reserve of 72 hours.

It is actually world’s first double triple-axis tourbillon with minute repeater, and it is limited to 18 pieces worldwide.

Price tag: $360,000.00 USD
Reference: TT100.21.NS.NK.C

The Twin Turbo combines the exhilarating energy experienced in the world’s fastest automobiles with the unparalleled refinement and mechanical complexity only present in the universe of ultra-high-end watchmaking. The Twin Turbo features two triple-axis tourbillons, the most complicated, technically most challenging and visually most encapsulating among all tourbillons. With this marvelous engineering solution, the Twin Turbo depends on two regulating organs, each encased in their delicate cages, spinning through space in a succession of lightning fast, yet calculated movements.

Part of the Twin Turbo’s 581-component JCFM03 Exclusive Jacob & Co caliber is a decimal minute repeater – the most exotic and rare among chiming complications. Pull the lever set into the left-hand side of the Twin Turbo’s Carbon Fiber case – combined with 18K Rose Gold or Black DLC Grade 5 Titanium, depending on the model – to hear the crystal clear sound of its cathedral gongs. The Twin Turbo is another incredibly novel Jacob & Co creation, one that is like no other to have ever existed in fine watchmaking before. Be the one to feel the energy of its two beating hearts and listen to its movingly beautiful chime – experience haute horlogerie like never before.

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