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Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah – Richard Mille RM 003-V2 tourbillon Dual Time Zone

The sultan of Brunei since 1984, Hassanal Bolkiah, is wearing a 39mm Richard Mille RM 003-V2 tourbillon Dual Time Zone on a camouflaged rubber strap.

The watch features a case made out of micro-blasted black titanium that surrounds a skeletonized dial with a carbon nanofibre baseplate, giving the timepiece an exceptional movement.

About the Watch

All Richard Mille watches are built around three principles: cutting-edge tech and invention, a solid aesthetic and architecture dimension in a highly comfy timepiece, and the highest level of high-end craftsmanship with hand finish. Richard Mille’s drive to employ cutting-edge technology and equipment from cutting-edge industries like Formula 1 or aerospace in the field of watchmaking stems from his goal to create an exceptional watch beyond compromise or pretense.

The Richard Mille RM 003-V2, which added a second-time zone feature to the tourbillon movement after the release of RM 002, was the climax of another phase of development. The time zone operation took an innovative visual strategy, with a sapphire crystal disc as well as a white part at 3 o’clock. Within the movement, the black hours on the disc were practically invisible. However, when they were placed over the white part, they remained visible and appeared to ‘power up.’

This brilliant concept was eventually applied to the date windows of several other Richard Mille clocks, including the RM 005, 016, 010, and 023, among others. A pusher at 9 o’clock allows one to select the preferred time zone quickly. Also, the casing was significantly thicker, unlike the RM 002, due to this function, which was located in the middle of the movement (13.65 mm in comparison to 11.95 mm).

The initial version used a titanium baseplate, similar to the RM 002. However, the RM 003 proceeded to be the first design to employ a carbon nanofibre baseplate, identified as the RM 003-V2 edition. This was following the debut of carbon nanofibre in the legendary RM 006 Felipe Massa. In the years since its debut, the carbon nanofibre RM 003-V2 has seen three more changes that are technical.

When sculpted at increased pressure (750 bars) and temperature (2,000 C), carbon nanofiber, a compound made of carbon fibers, takes on an isotropic form with physical, mechanical, and chemical characteristics. This compound is amorphous, chemically neutral, and dimensionally stable over a wide temperature range, making it ideal for watchmaking. If the movement’s basis is perfectly regular, as carbon nanofiber is, it offers the perfect foundation for any sophisticated horological design, be it a tourbillon or a split-seconds Chrono.

The best example is the backside of the movement, where the one-piece reinforcing plate element was redesigned into two and eventually three independent units. Multiple editions of the RM 003-V2 have been released, including the well-known ‘ camouflaged ‘ polished casing.

Richard Mille RM 003-V2’s two Nitrile O-ring sealing provides the tripartite casing’s water resistance to 50 meters. Twelve titanium spline screws, as well as 316L stainless steel abrasion-resistant washers, hold the casing together.

Price last known: $465,000.00

Photo: Brunei Royal Family

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