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Stelios Droumalias Wears Genius Watches White Legacy

Stelios Droumalias, a well-known figure in the watch community, has recently been spotted wearing the stylish and sophisticated Genius Watches White Legacy timepiece.

Photo by: Stelios Droumalias

Stelios Droumalias, a renowned influencer and fashion enthusiast, has recently been spotted wearing the stunning Genius Watches “White Legacy” timepiece. With its sleek and elegant design, the watch is sure to make a statement on any wrist.

The White Legacy features a white guilloche dial that exudes sophistication and class. The dial is housed in a 39mm stainless steel case that is durable and long-lasting. The standout feature of this watch is the “Clash of the Universes” logo that is prominently displayed on the dial, adding a unique touch of personality to the piece.

The bracelet on this watch is also noteworthy, as it is the brand’s own mixed steel bracelet. The bracelet is a blend of two iconic bracelets, creating a one-of-a-kind look that perfectly complements the watch’s overall design. It’s a great addition to the watch that adds to its overall appeal.

The price point for the White Legacy is at $4,750.00 USD, which may seem steep, but it’s well worth the investment for those who appreciate fine timepieces. The watch is a perfect example of quality craftsmanship, and it’s sure to be a timeless addition to anyone’s collection.


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For those interested in purchasing this stunning timepiece, the watch reference is GL1000DG. It’s a great choice for anyone who wants to elevate their style game and make a statement with their accessories.

In conclusion, the Genius Watches “White Legacy” is a watch that is sure to turn heads. With its unique design and quality craftsmanship, it’s a perfect addition to any collection. It’s no surprise that Stelios Droumalias has chosen to wear this timepiece, and it’s sure to be a favorite among watch enthusiasts everywhere.

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