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Simu Liu Unforgettable Gala With His Jacob and Co Epic SF24


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Last night was not just any night; it was the ‘Unforgettable Gala,’ and it lived up to its name in every sense. The stars were out, the glitz and glam were on full display, and in the midst of it all was the one and only Simu Liu, turning heads and bending time with his fashion statement.

Simu Liu, our favorite superhero, is donning an outfit that could rival a supernova. But wait, there’s more! He wasn’t just wearing any wristwatch; he was proudly flaunting the Grade 5 Titanium Jacob and Co. Epic SF24. Yes, you heard it right: Grade 5 titanium—the kind of titanium that probably powers Iron Man suits in secret underground lairs.


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As Simu Liu strolled down the red carpet, his wristwatch became the talk of the town. The Epic SF24, limited to a mere 101 pieces worldwide, was the horological equivalent of finding a unicorn on Rodeo Drive. If watches could talk, this one would be saying, “I’m not just here to tell time; I’m here to steal the spotlight.”

The Grade 5 Titanium wasn’t just a choice; it was a statement—a statement that said, “I’m here to party, and I’m bringing the future with me.” It’s like Simu Liu whispered to his wrist, “You know what would make tonight unforgettable? A watch that’s as rare as a decent parking spot in Hollywood.”

In a room filled with stars, Simu Liu shone as brightly as the diamonds on his Epic SF24. Rumor has it that even the paparazzi had to squint when they tried to capture the sheer radiance emanating from that Grade 5 Titanium masterpiece.

Now, let’s talk about the SF24’s design. It’s not just a watch; it’s a time machine in disguise. If Marty McFly had this watch in ‘Back to the Future,’ he might have never needed a DeLorean. Simu Liu was essentially telling us, “I’m not just attending the Unforgettable Gala; I’m bending time to make sure this night lasts forever.”

As the evening unfolded, Simu Liu’s watch became the unofficial co-host of the event. People were probably checking their phones to see what time it was, only to realize that they were living in Simu Liu’s world—a world where time is as flexible as a yoga instructor at a wellness retreat.


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In conclusion, Simu Liu’s choice of the Grade 5 Titanium Jacob and Co Epic SF24 wasn’t just a fashion statement; it was a cosmic proclamation. It was as if he said, “I’m not just an actor; I’m a time-bending, gala-stealing force of nature.” And with that, he left the ‘Unforgettable Gala’ behind, but the memories and the laughter lingered, much like the hands on a Grade 5 Titanium masterpiece.

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