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Sfera Ebbasta’s extravagant 40 mm Rolex Yacht-Master

Italian trap rapper @sferaebbasta is absolutely rocking the jaw-dropping 40 mm @rolex Yacht-Master "Candy Bezel" 🍬⌚️💫, which is a true testament to his impeccable style. This exceptional timepiece, crafted in luxurious 18-carat white gold, showcases a captivating black dial that exudes elegance and sophistication. To further enhance its allure, the Yacht-Master boasts a sleek black oysterflex strap, combining comfort and refinement effortlessly.

Photo by: Sfera Ebbasta

When it comes to luxury watches, Italian trap rapper Sfera Ebbasta knows how to make a statement. Sporting the extravagant 40 mm Rolex Yacht-Master “Candy Bezel” in 18-carat white gold, this hip-hop artist is taking bling to a whole new level. With a black dial and a black Oysterflex strap, this timepiece screams elegance and confidence. But wait till you hear the price tag – a jaw-dropping $93,700.00 USD! Who knew candy could be so expensive?

We all love candy, but Sfera Ebbasta takes his love for sugary treats to another level. With the Yacht-Master’s “Candy Bezel,” he’s literally wearing candy on his wrist! And we’re not talking about those little gummy bears; we’re talking about a luxury watch that oozes sophistication and indulgence. The 18-carat white gold bezel resembles a rainbow of deliciously vibrant candies, making it the perfect accessory to satisfy his sweet tooth and his desire for opulence.


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Sfera Ebbasta is no stranger to making waves in the fashion world. Known for his flamboyant outfits and larger-than-life persona, this Italian rapper is always pushing the boundaries of style. And what better way to complement his vibrant personality than with a watch that looks like it’s been dipped in a candy store? The combination of the black dial and the Oysterflex strap adds a touch of edginess to this luxurious timepiece, perfectly matching Sfera Ebbasta’s unique rap style.


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