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Rolex GMT-Master II Batman ‘Presnel Kimpembe Concept’

The Rolex GMT-Master II Batman ‘Presnel Kimpembe Concept’ is a tribute timepiece created by watch customizing masters Skeleton Concept for the French PSG footballer and representative of the France national team. The bezel has more contrast of blue and black than the usual “Batman” bezel to adapt to the movement so that it can fit perfectly with the gray bracelet. The blue coloring of the number 3 on the date module is a special bod to the player since it is his player number.

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About the Watch

Kimpembe, who has been passionate about football since he was a child, began playing at ten. In 2014, he landed a role for Paris Saint-Germain, and in February 2017, he played in the UEFA Champions League for the first time. Presnel Kimpembe was destined to win: he earned his first “French champion” medal with Paris Saint-Germain at the end of the season. During the summer of 2018, France, as well as the entire world, had the opportunity of discovering his brilliance and elegance, as he was awarded World Champion with Didier Deschamps’ French squad “Les Bleus.” Ever since, Kimpembe has continued to play for PSG as a center-back, wearing the club’s crest on his chest.

Kimpembe, who never takes things lightly, challenged the watchmakers to skeletonize his Rolex GMT-MASTER II “Batman.” This was an actual mechanical challenge that no other group of professional watchmakers had ever attempted. Another need was to preserve the timepiece’s “sportswear” look and emphasize the blue hue on the bezel, which is his hallmark color.

Before adding a matte, sandblasting coating to the elements, the team spent “hundreds of hours” inventing a means to skeletonize around the movement’s date as well as GMT complexities. The casing and bracelet, which are satin-brushed, have the same matte appearance.

The Oystersteel bracelet of the Rolex GMT-Master II Batman has been polished for a matte look, which extends on the delicate components. The dial has been reworked as a hand-painted piece with a skeletonized dial and a blue inside bezel to display the internal workings of the self-winding automatic 3186 movements. The redesigned open backcase gives the movement a new perspective.

The watch’s additional blue elements help bind the Rolex ‘Batman’ concept together. The Presnel Kimpembe Special Edition work is commemorated on the exterior half of the backcase.

To honor Presnel’s jersey number, a transparent sapphire crystal date wheel is adorned in the Rolex GMT-Master II Batman with black numbers and a blue “3.” A sapphire crystal case back and a two-tone black and blue bezel complete the look. The artistry shows not only Skeleton Concept’s work but also the classic Rolex impression.

With small-batch collections from watchmakers delivering magnificent examples of the most wanted versions, the market for customized watches continues to rise in popularity. Skeleton Concept, as well as its crew of professional horologists, are dedicated to providing clients with a completely unique watch experience through one-of-a-kind creations. Presnel Kimpembe, being a prominent French soccer player, has collaborated with Skeleton Concept on a new initiative.

Photo: Skeleton Concept

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