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Richard Mille RM 47 Tourbillon “Time Of The Samurai”

Spanish Formula One driver and Richard Mille ambassador Fernando Alonso is wearing the Swiss watch luxury company’s latest creation: The TZP black ceramic Richard Mille RM 47 Tourbillon “Time Of The Samurai.”

This extraordinary 75 pieces limited timepiece pays tribute to traditional bushido thinking, and through meticulous engraving and assembly, it is an artistic wrist window on Japanese culture. The skeletonized dial features hand-engraved samurai armor in 3N yellow gold that protects its movement, offering 72 hours of power reserve.

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A limited edition of 75 timepieces featuring the RM 47 Tourbillon movement by SWISS designer Richard Mille was created in honor of the samurai, their spirit, and the bushido code’s principles. These Richard Mille RM 47 Tourbillon “Time Of The Samurai” pieces were created over almost four years. The printer Pierre-Alain Lozeron hand-carved the armor while his wife Valérie Lozeron decorated it. 

Richard Mille, the Formula 1 driver, and brand associate Fernando Alonso, a fervent admirer of ancient Japanese artworks and a Samurai fanatic, came up with the concept for the variant. Bringing to mind the principles of bushido, the Samurai ethical code principles are still upheld in Japanese culture. The 3N yellow gold gives the armor vitality, evoking the golden leaf that was once used to adorn the best shrines in Japan, as well as some examples of ancient artistry.

The Asano line, a family that personifies the bushido spirit, is mentioned in numerous details. Asano Naganori, the head of the family realm in the 18th century, also served as the lord of the 47 ronin, who killed him and followed him into the afterlife. Every Samurai dynasty has a Kamon, or family heraldic symbol prominently displayed on the tourbillon at 6 o’clock.

The logo, which depicts two crossed falcon feathers and signifies power in battle and the suzerain’s sovereignty, is skillfully etched on the wing tips of the soldiers’ helmets. A Japanese oak leaf, a sign of the changes in the seasons as well as beauty, grace, and the fleeting nature of life, is engraved on the crown. This crown comprises titanium, Carbon TPT, and refined 3N yellow gold. These two swords are ultimately hidden at the bottom, with the slicing ends of their blades pointing up to be quickly pulled in the case of a threat.

The armor guards the manual-winding RM47 caliber featuring hours and minutes with priceless defense. The baseplate and skeletonized arches of the movement are composed of 5th-grade titanium, a biocompatible material frequently used in the aviation industry. It has undergone a black PVD coating to assure optimum movement performance. Enhanced corrosion tolerance, impressive stiffness, and precisely smooth surfaces are all benefits of this blend.

The movement, casing, and adornment of the RM 47 all attest to a concept design aimed to ensure the successful and seamless fusion of all the many components. The three pieces of the barrel-shaped casing are made of black TZP ceramic for the caseback with bezel and 3N yellow gold for the caseband. 

Overall, the 75 limited RM 47 Tourbillon timepieces have extraordinary aesthetics that reflect bushido’s ethos and core principles. They also represent a steadfast pursuit of excellence and adherence to custom.

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Photo: Richard Mille

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