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Richard Mille RM 016 Automatic Extra Flat in rose gold with a transparent dial

The Tunisian-French rapper ‘Swagg Man’ is wearing the discontinued 38mm Richard Mille RM 016 Automatic Extra Flat in rose gold with a transparent dial featuring Arabic numerals on a black leather strap. He released a rap album titled “Swagg Man Posey” in 2014, and he might be the world’s biggest fan of Louis Vuitton since the logo of the company is tattooed on his head.

Overall Watch Review

At the beginning of the century, Richard Mille started making timepieces. The designs were audacious, inventive, and daring from the start and were influenced by Formula 1 racing automobiles. Each portion of the RM watch is thus explicitly engineered for its intended usage; no standard parts are used. The outcomes are extraordinary and extremely different.

Richard Mille RM 016 Automatic Extra Flat is most likely the preferred Richard Mille timepiece for everyday use. The casing is 38mm wide and 49.8mm tall, primarily flat with curving corners and a receded core resembling an ice cream sandwich. Although it is thin, it measures 8.25mm in thickness.

The watch is primarily comprised of titanium as well as white gold with certain PVD black finished surfaces. The timepiece uses the Richard Mille Caliber RM 005-S as its movement. It is automated and features a power reserve of 55 hours (two barrels), customizable geometric winding of the movement through the rotor, time, with the date.

Due to this unique Richard Mille concept, the mainspring may be wound to best suit the user’s level of activity in both sports and non-sporting contexts. The rotor’s inertia is changed by modifying the configuration of the rib’s location to power up the winding process. At the same time, arm movements are relaxed or slow during athletic activities. This innovation makes it possible to improve and tailor the winding system of the movement to the user’s lifestyle.

The automated rotor’s strain, or the amount of effort required to turn it, can be changed. So, if you’re working at a desk or madly swinging your hand when golfing, you can wound the timepiece “correctly.”

The piece face and the caseback reveal a large portion of the movement in all its skeletonized splendor. In order to achieve their goal, Richard Mille performs a superb job providing the movement design and creating a high-tech appearance that seems more contemporary than historical.

In general, Richard Mille’s timepieces are expertly constructed; a genuine, high-end luxurious watch that isn’t shy about flaunting their features. The deployment clasp, which is spring-loaded and clicks open and shut just like those hair clips, is one of the intriguing elements that are useful. Also, pay attention to how the 7 o’clock marker is incorporated with the date dial. 

Looking into all the pieces, a few little components are just not worthwhile. You can notice how wonderfully the titanium and gold blend, as well as all the attractive visible screws. The watch’s appearance and layout speak for themselves. What’s more, the casing is 30 meters water-resistant.

Price market: $100,000.00 USD

 Photo: Iteb Zaibet

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