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Patek Philippe Launches Its Redesigned Nautilus 5811/1G

Photo: Patek Philippe

It’s finally here; Patek Philippe has recently unveiled the much-awaited successor to the 5711. Presenting the elegant white golden Patek Philippe Nautilus Ref. 5811/1G-001, which eventually replaced the stainless of the 5711 that we all are familiar with.

The story surrounding the Patek Philippe Nautilus sporting watch is legendary. The Nautilus, initially created by Gerald Genta, debuted in the industry in 1976 as the ref. 3700, among the forerunners of the premium sporting watch category. While essentially maintaining its distinctive look, Patek Philippe’s flagship sporting watch series has developed mechanically and artistically throughout time. 

The ref. 5711 is, without a doubt, the Nautilus sports piece that current lovers and collectors are most accustomed to. In addition to its more complex siblings, the ref. 5711 watch, which displays the time and dates only, has long been (and still is) the most desired piece in the world.

Patek Philippe discreetly updated ref. 5711’s movement in 2019, a move intended to prolong the watch’s lifespan. This was swiftly followed by rumors, which Patek later confirmed in early 2021, that the ref. 5711 was going out of production. Following the release, two swansong variants appeared. The grand finale, ref. 5711 had a Tiffany & Co. inscribed Tiffany blue dial in stainless steel, while the other had an olive green dial in stainless steel. As the saying goes, “save the best for last.”

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About Patek Philippe Nautilus Ref. 5811/1G

Come 2022, ref. 5711 was officially discontinued, and the company’s catalog no longer contained any mention of the reference. In the middle of October, the ref. 5711’s replacement was unveiled, starting a new chapter for the storied sporting watch. 

The latest Patek Philippe Nautilus 5811/1G is made of white gold, as the reference number typically implies. From a distance, the casings of the discontinued model 5711, as well as the new reference 5811, are identical. 

The modifications are certainly subtle. First, ref. 5811’s case is somewhat larger (1 mm bigger in diameter) than ref. 5711’s. The second change is in the casing design, whilst ref. 5711 has a contemporary three-part design, ref. 5811 features a two-part structure, paying homage to the initial 1976 Nautilus version. The wound stem can be withdrawn from the dial side thanks to this novel design’s integrated pull-out component lever mechanism, which is still under patent protection. A two-part casing precludes the case back entrance, so this is crucial.

A white golden bracelet that features a novel, trademarked fold-over fastening complements the case. It has four separate hooks and a unique locking adjustable system that make it simple to change the bracelet’s length by 2 to 4 millimeters. Other than the superb finishing, nothing has changed regarding the exterior.


Photo: Hodinkee

In addition, the redesigned ref. 5811 boasts a sunburst blue dial that changes to black around the edge and is engraved as usual. White gold is used to create the attached hour markings and curved baton-style indexes, all covered in a luminescent substance. The date window at three o’clock is engraved in the “40 years” style and is accentuated by a white gold opening frame.

The 212-part, in-house Calibre 26-330 S C powers the new ref. 5811. The Calibre 324, which drove the ref. 5711 till 2019, was replaced by the Calibre 26-330 S C. The movement includes the customary Gyromax balancing as well as Spiromax hairspring from Patek Philippe. Additionally, it has stop-seconds, a feature that the Calibre 324 lacked. It also runs at a contemporary 4 Hz rate and comes with a power reserve of up to 35 to 45 hours.

Furthermore, the Calibre 26-330 S C’s finissage is of the highest caliber, as you would expect from Patek Philippe. The golden middle wheel of the movement, which is embellished with round Geneva waves and an inscription of the Calatrava symbol, is its most striking feature. Linear Geneva Waves featuring finished and beveled sides may be seen on the arches. These bridges’ screws are refined, and the base plate is embellished with perlage, which is uniformly placed.


Photo: Eqotime


The Competitive Environment

In the end, Patek Philippe’s approach, with its most recent releases, only confirms that collectors concerned about protecting their assets may always be secure in their possession of Patek Philippe pieces. The 5811/1G affirms Stern’s claim that they won’t produce a Nautilus in stainless steel, especially in a time and date design. This is despite some people feeling that it was launched too soon following a lengthy final tour for the 5711 that it has been completely discontinued. 

The switch to white gold preserves the accuracy of Stern’s claims and the 5711’s subsequent market worth. It also demonstrates Patek’s deliberate desire to profit from the Nautilus craze while safeguarding the company. Patek Philippe is currently in a position to generate more revenue by moving upscale and using valuable metal. So why not take advantage of the ridiculous prices consumers are prepared to spend at retail rather than lose it to flippers and shady vendors?

None of the high-end timepieces that have become popular in the past years commands greater respect than that of the Patek Philippe Nautilus. Even though ref. 5811 has just recently started on its path; triumph is anticipated for it as well if earlier references’ performances are the guide. 

The Nautilus ref. 5811 is practically guaranteed to stay current and a widely acclaimed wristwatch throughout the 2020s. This is because of its brand reputation, history, and exceptional craftsmanship. Despite not being a limited edition item, there will undoubtedly be a long waitlist because of the high demand.


Photo: Swiss Watches


The Patek Philippe Nautilus ref. 5811/1G-001 can only be entirely appreciated if one can see past the current frenzy and excitement surrounding high-end sporting timepieces. This is a watch that bears strong resemblances to the first luxurious watches. It also boasts artistry that is the industry’s pride and is now outfitted with a modern movement that will last for the next ten or more years. To maximize its capability before the 50th anniversary of the Nautilus arrives in 4 years, it’ll be fascinating to observe what Patek Philippe accomplishes with it in the meantime. 

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