Rolex Moonphase Triple Calendar – 6062

Once upon a time actor Nicolas Cage was the owner of this fantastic vintage Rolex Moonphase 6062 with Triple Calendar and Star Dial ️ ️ 650,000.00 🌐 📸 @superwatchman

Once upon a time actor Nicolas Cage was the owner of this fantastic vintage Rolex Moonphase 6062 with Triple Calendar with a star dial.

The timepiece is desired for its extreme rarity and complexity why it’s almost never for sale, and a price is therefor very hard to set, but one was sold at an auction in Geneva 2015 for $1,280,000 USD.

Fully infused with Rolex’s genetic codes with its Oyster case, inhouse automatic movement and Jubilee bracelet, the reference 6062 further features a complication only seen in another reference: a triple calendar and moonphase display. The other model, reference 8171 had a different case with snap on back.

The above elements merged together result in a certain cool debonaire elegance.

Launched in 1950, and produced for only a handful of years, this reference was available in stainless steel, yellow and pink gold, and offered with different dial variations. The faceted star dial, as seen on the present watch, is one of the most rare and sought after, and enhances its overall appeal. Rolex considered the model a top-of-the-line timepiece, with an in-house automatic movement, and upgraded with a full calendar and moonphase indication. Collectors were so taken with the model they nicknamed it “Stelline”, Italian for “small star”.

When introduced, the 6062 was groundbreaking, as it was the first automatic watch with triple calendar and moonphase indication housed in a water-resistant case.

The present yellow gold reference 6062 has been part of an important private collection for the past 14 years. Lovingly taken care of during this period it remains in excellent condition. The case is strong, the numerals on the outer track are inky blue, and the day and date apertures are sharp and angular, demonstrating the originality of the dial. In fact the present yellow gold reference 6062 is in our opinion one of the best preserved and most original examples of a reference 6062 in this metal to have ever been seen or offered publicly.

This reference 6062 further comes with its original 18-karat yellow gold Rolex Jubilee bracelet adding inimitable panache to the model.

The present example, in its original, unrestored state of preservation, is a wonderful addition to any collection of distinction. And, indeed, an opportunity that the most demanding and educated collectors of vintage wristwatches should not miss.


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