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Men’s Comprehensive Guide on Wearing Watches with Style

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You can’t simply disagree that a timepiece significantly influences how you appear, regardless of whether you wear it primarily for timekeeping or as a symbol of status. It may even be the main thing others notice of you in certain cases. Therefore, a watch can reveal a lot regarding your style and preferences in addition to showing the time.

Considering these, it’s crucial to understand how to wear a wristwatch stylishly, whether it’s a premium Swiss timepiece or a reasonably priced sports piece. The first important thing to learn is to tell one type of watch from another. Therefore, we’ve summarized some of the various watches you might come across, along with advice on how and when to wear each one appropriately based on the situation, attire, and watch type.

Dress watches:

In terms of dress watches, elegance comes first. Dress timepieces are often understated yet stylish to go with your customized clothes. Consider the Frederique Constant Slimline or the IWC Portofino as examples. These pieces often feature a dial with few complexities and almost constantly include a leather band.


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Dress timepieces are the highest category of watches when it comes to formality. In short, they are the only watches that are appropriate to wear to a white-tie or black-tie occasion. In addition, you can wear one of these watches to a business-related formal function in which you are supposed to look professional.


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When it comes to wearing a dress watch with style, it should be donned with a dress shirt and a tuxedo or suit, as the title implies. It also goes well with a little less formal attire, such as a blazer or an Oxford shirt.

Furthermore, wearing a dress watch is typically considered improper to dress more informally than in office casual attire. Therefore when wearing sneakers with denim shorts, try to stay away from them.

Examples of the top dress pieces to consider include; Cartier Tank, Zenith Elite, and Jaeger-LeCoultre Master.

Dive Watches:

Among the toughest timepieces in the industry are dive watches. They are designed to overcome the ocean’s farthest levels; hence they are often huge and hefty because of this. In addition, to qualify as a “genuine dive watch,” diving watches often must complete a series of evaluations.

Besides the primary tip to wear while you dive, diving timepieces are best donned informally. Your watch may also be suited for sophisticated casual settings based on its style. Simply ensure your diver watch is stylish and not overly large.


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When it comes to sporting dive pieces with style, you’re in luck because they are incredibly fashionable to wear. Actually, you may dress them with only a pair of shorts and a T-shirt or simply with an Oxford shirt. Nevertheless, don’t wear diving timepieces alongside suits unless the occasion specifies a more lax dressing code.

Some of the best diver timepieces you can wear with style include Rolex Submariner, Blancpain Fifty Fathoms Automatique, and Omega Seamaster.

Sports Watches:

Sports timepieces are designed for adventures and often come with tough casings and simple dials for ease. They also have a respectable waterproof rating because sporting events can be exhausting.


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Generally, these devices shine brightest in informal settings and during physical activity due to their athletic style. So avoid wearing sports timepieces to professional or even semi-formal occasions.


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With relaxation, sports watches appear their best because it enhances their sportiness. Jogger trousers, shorts, T-shirts, or sneakers will all look great with the device. Moreover, it will also appear great with jeans.

The best sports pieces to wear stylishly include Breitling Superocean, Hamilton Khaki Aviation, and Tudor Fastrider Chrono.

Statement Watches:

As their name implies, statement timepieces are meant to draw attention and are sometimes referred to as “stylish timepieces.” So if you wish to make a reference, this is the watch you should wear. These legendary watches are also guaranteed to catch people’s eyes, whether it’s due to the sky-high cost or the colorful design.

Confident individuals who enjoy exploring with (or occasionally breaking) dress codes should wear statement timepieces. Simply visualize people rocking in their basketball footwear alongside their suits. Although it’s clearly inappropriate for style in the books, others can incredibly pull it off.

In light of this, these statement pieces can be worn on various occasions. For example, if you’re brave enough, you could match a statement piece with a suit. A statement watch is, nevertheless, very appropriate to wear in an informal event aside from that.


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Many fashion experts will advise you to match your vibrant statement watch with a subdued attire as the most appropriate approach. However, you will never be wrong when wearing an all-black outfit, for instance, if your timepiece is brightly colored. The aim is to contrast the intensity of the device against a more subdued outfit.


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Three of the best statement pieces every gentleman can wear in style include Patek Philippe Nautilus, Audemars Piguet Royal Oak, and Franck Muller Vanguard.

Tips for Wearing a Watch Stylishly

Here are some fashion suggestions to make you appear like a million dollars if you’re still unclear about how to dress a watch with flair.

  • Put on the appropriate watch for the event

The most crucial thing to keep in mind is to choose a watch that is suited for the situation. Make it simple with such a time-only dress wristwatch if you are required to put on a tux for a professional function.


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However, if the occasion has a laxer dressing code, such as at a summer wedding, you can still get away with pairing your suit and a wetsuit.

  • Select the proper watch size

The casing size of a wristwatch is important, particularly if you’re looking to up your fashion style. So start by evaluating your wrist to determine your ideal size. You should select a smaller to medium dimension casing if your wrist is between 6 and 7 inches (38, 40, 42 millimeters). Likewise, you will seem better sporting a case thickness of 44 or 46 millimeters if you are on the bigger side of the spectrum with a range of 7.5-8 inches.


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Nevertheless, this doesn’t mean you should always adhere to this idea. In reality, you could still grab attention if you disregard this guideline in the proper way. Because of this, it’s critical to monitor watch size variations carefully and determine what is effective.

  • Your watch’s strap should complement the other leather items you wear

It is advisable to match any leather accessories you put on with your timepiece if it has a leather strap. Therefore, it’d be wise to replace the leather with a black strap if you choose a black belt and black leather shoes.


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In addition, try complimentary colors if you feel comfortable playing with the color spectrum. For example, black leather and a maroon strap go together beautifully.

  • Metals should complement one another well

Similar to the point above, you should be mindful of the colors of your metallic jewelry. Therefore, if your wristwatch includes a silver casing, ensure that your bracelet, necktie clip, and cufflinks are also silver.


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  • Ensure the watch is appropriately fitted

Fit is king is a phrase frequently heard in the fashion industry. The same may be stated for your statement timepieces, even though they frequently refer to the fit of your clothing. In light of this, customize the strap of your watch so that it exactly fits your wrist.


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Every time you lift your arm, it shouldn’t slip beyond an inch upwards or downwards as a general rule.


Final Remarks

Regardless of being modest, a watch has the power to make or ruin an entire outfit. So even if you don a custom woolen suit, people may still give you a compliment if you combine it with a big sports watch. Likewise, a simple off-the-rack jacket might appear pricey when paired with a sleek dress watch.

Whatever the case, if you intend to step up in your fashion style, you need to learn how and where to rock a watch appropriately.

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