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Konstantin Chaykin masterpiece Carpe Diem

Carpe Diem WatchA closer look at the Konstantin Chaykin masterpiece Carpe Diem watch, 45mm of pure wristart. It features an 18k rose gold case and has a dial that is hand-engraved and produced from sterling silver and 18k rose gold. In the dial, you see the Ancient Greek god of time Chronos holding an hourglass, maybe reminding the wearer to seize the day.

Price tag: $77,000.00 USD

The main idea behind the Carpe Diem Watch is to embody the abstract idea of time using classic metaphors from the Western canon. The symbols included in Konstantin’s design hark back to paintings by Bartholomäus Bruyn the Elder, Pieter Claesz and Heorhiy Narbut. The main character in the Carpe Diem Watch is the ancient god Chronos, who had birthed Time, the first element of Creation. He is depicted in a personal and vivid form: lost in thought, with deep wrinkles on his forehead, Chronos is enthroned on the miniature dial that only indicates hours. In one hand Chronos wields a scythe and his other hand rests on an hourglass. A starry night sky in the background symbolizes the cosmic nature of time.

The technical innovation in the Carpe Diem Watch is the patented mechanism by Konstantin Chaykin: using a few shutters Konstantin was able to create the illusion of sand flowing through an hourglass.

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