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Journalist and entertainer Nikos Aliagas – Genius Legacy in stainless steel

The Greek-French journalist and entertainer Nikos Aliagas, mainly known for being the host of the French reality program ‘Star Academy,’ wears a Genius Legacy in stainless steel with a case width of 40mm, featuring an embedded “Clash Of The Watch Universes” logo in a guilloche grey dial.

The mixture of two beautiful wrist worlds is the main theme of the upcoming brand.

About the Watch

Gerald Genta’s identity may be unfamiliar outside the watch industry, but his designs are instantly identifiable. The Swiss architect was mainly accountable for more iconic timepieces designs than anyone else. However, his design aesthetics are still used in timepieces today.

The Swiss watch company was experiencing financial difficulties in the 1970s due to the burgeoning quartz watch sector. Audemars Piguet understood that their business was poised to implode unless they made a radical adjustment. The administration decided to introduce something completely new based on input from the Italian industries: a sporty yet stylish timepiece.

They hired the most well-known and prolific wristwatch designer of the time, who designed successful timepieces for Omega and Patek Philippe (Golden Ellipse). Genta created the watch in under 24 hours. It was the first steel watch with a distinctive octagonal-shaped bezel and was designed to be both abundant and durable. The modern-day premium sports watch was created.

Available in stainless steel or ultra-resistant titanium, the casing of the Genius Legacy features a black rubber screw-down crown and push-pieces. Furthermore, it has a case of 40mm in width.

The concealed crown enables the timepiece to be worn in both directions, with the 12 o’clock and 6 o’clock positions adjustable. Not only does the watch sport the Royal Oak’s iconic octagonal casing with hexagonal screws and the Nautilus’ porthole-inspired bezel (without the ears), but the dial is divided and contains both the Royal Oak’s Tapisserie and the Nautilus’ horizontal bars. If that wasn’t enough, you also receive both classic watch bracelets in one band.

A watch collector may speak of the “grail” while discussing their collection. For the uninitiated, it’s slang for something that’s at the top of your wish list. As a result, watches like Gerald Genta’s Audemars Piguet Royal Oak and Patek Philippe’s Nautilus are expected to become a mainstay in every timepiece collector’s desire. Gerald Genta’s name may not appear as frequently as it should. It should be noted that most of your grails originated in this man’s sketchbook. From the modern Nautilus to the fun Mickey Mouse watch, there’s something for everyone. It’s no surprise that he’s known as the “Father of Modern Watchmaking.”

The new Genius Legacy in stainless steel is a repealing timepiece. The subtle and unobtrusive looks are most people’s favorites. One would need a double-take to appropriately distinguish it against the stainless steel sister watches. The platinum casing and bracelet have a substantial feel to them. Finally, the watch’s history has shown that it’ll hold its worth on the secondary market for a long time.

Price market: $4,750.00 USD
Watch reference: GL1000DG

Photo: Genius Watches

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