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John Mulaney’s Timeless Charm The Chopard L.U.C. XPS

In the glitzy new Netflix series, Everybody’s in LA, John Mulaney brings the 70s back with a groovy twist on the classic American talk show.  Bell bottoms, disco balls, and Mulaney’s razor-sharp wit cutting through the haze of nostalgia like a glittering gold disco suit. But wait, there’s more! Amidst the laughter and celebrity banter, there’s something else that shines on this show—John Mulaney’s wrist.

Yes, folks, Mulaney isn’t just making us laugh; he’s also making us drool over his impeccable taste in timepieces. If you thought his punchlines were sharp, wait till you see his watch collection. And speaking of Sharp, let’s talk about the star of the show (besides Mulaney): the Chopard L.U.C. XPS.


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This isn’t just any watch, my friends. It’s a 40-millimeter masterpiece of white gold elegance, and it’s got more style than the entire cast of That ’70s Show. The L.U.C. XPS boasts a sleek black dial with applied white gold indices that gleam like the smile of a game show host. And let’s not forget the matching handset and that oh-so-dapper sub-second display at 6 o’clock. It’s the kind of watch that makes you want to twirl your mustache and say, “Good day, sir!”

Mulaney, ever the versatile comedian, knows how to match his timepieces to his various on-screen personas. One moment he’s rocking a Rolex with the swagger of a late-night legend, and the next he’s donning a Patek Philippe with the finesse of a talk show titan. But the Chopard L.U.C. XPS? This one’s special. It’s got that classic charm, the kind that says, “I’m sophisticated, but I also know all the lyrics to ‘Bohemian Rhapsody.’”

You see, Mulaney’s watch game is as tight as his comedy. Each timepiece tells a story, just like his jokes. The Chopard L.U.C. XPS, with its understated elegance and timeless design, complements his knack for blending old-school charm with modern wit. It’s a watch that’s as comfortable at a fancy gala as it is during a Netflix binge-watch session in your PJs.

Photo by: Chopard

So, as you tune into Everybody’s in LA, keep an eye on Mulaney’s wrist. Between the laughs, the groovy vibes, and the nostalgic nods to a bygone era, there’s a lesson to be learned: time flies when you’re having fun, but it flies even faster when you’re wearing a Chopard. And who knows? Maybe one day, you’ll be inspired to start your own watch collection, one groovy piece at a time.

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