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John F Kennedy – Omega ‘Ultra Thin’

Former president of the United States of America John F Kennedy ‘JFK’ who was assassinated in Dallas 1963, is in this photo from the early 60s wearing a 25mm Omega ‘Ultra Thin’ with an 18k yellow gold case and a silver dial.

Today the watch sits in Omega’s museum in Switzerland and it was the brand who purchased it in 2005 at auction for $350,000.00 USD.

The story behind the watch “that predicted” JFK:s presidential victory goes:

Summer 1960, JFK received the timepiece from a friend, with an engraving on the back that read, “President of the United States John F. Kennedy from his friend Grant”, but during the summer of 1960 Kennedy was still a presidential hopeful in one of the closest races in American history against Richard Nixon. Grant just had faith in his friend when he ordered the engraving, that turned out to be prophetic.

Kennedy would wear the watch to his inauguration and this particular Omega is now known as ‘The Stockdale Watch’.

Photo: Getty Images

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