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Jeremy Strong’s Ultra-Slim Timepiece the RM UP-01 Ferrari at MET GALA 2024

Jeremy Strong's Ultra-Slim Timepiece the RM UP-01 Ferrari at MET GALA 2024

Photo by: Jeremy Strong

At the MET GALA 2024, the stars were out, and the fashion statements were larger than life—well, all except one. In a bold move that could only be described as “going against the grain,” Jeremy Strong arrived wearing what might be the only item that didn’t require its own zip code: the RM UP-01 Ferrari, also known as the world’s second-thinnest watch. Yes, folks, in an event where bigger usually means better, Jeremy proved that Thin is still in.

Clocking in at a mere 1.75 millimeters in thickness, the RM UP-01 Ferrari is the supermodel of watches—tall, ridiculously thin, and surrounded by a buzz. When it debuted in the summer of 2022, it was hailed as the thinnest watch in the world. Imagine that! This watch is so slender, that it makes a pencil look like a bodybuilder. It’s just slightly thicker than two credit cards stacked together, which means if it were any thinner, you’d need a microscope to spot it on your wrist.

But why would Jeremy choose such a minimalist accessory for the flamboyant MET GALA? It’s like bringing a salad to a barbecue—surprising, slightly confusing, but oddly refreshing. Perhaps it’s his subtle nod to an industry that often values appearances over substance, or maybe he just enjoys the challenge of making photographers squint.

Wearing the RM UP-01 Ferrari is more than a fashion choice; it’s a magic act. One minute you see it, the next you don’t. It’s the Houdini of haute horlogerie. Guests must have been mystified, wondering whether Jeremy was wearing a watch or if he was just really happy to check the time on his phone. It’s so covert, that even James Bond might hesitate, wondering if it’s equipped with invisible ink or a laser cutter.

Photo by: Jeremy Strong

All joking aside, the RM UP-01 Ferrari at MET GALA 2024 demonstrates that sometimes, the most powerful statements are the ones that whisper rather than shout. Jeremy’s choice to sport something as elegantly understated as the world’s thinnest watch amidst a sea of extravagance might just be the evening’s cleverest commentary on luxury. So, as the MET GALA wraps up and the stars retreat into the night, we’re left to ponder: In a world obsessed with going big, maybe there’s something to be said for the quiet charm of going small. And as for Jeremy Strong, he’s shown that even the thinnest slice of style can cut through the noise.

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