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Jacob and Co. Oil Pump

Jacobandco Oiloump WatchThe Egyptian lawyer and businessman Rabie Bsieso is wearing a 18 pieces limited edition Jacob and Co. “Oil Pump” in 49mm 18k rose gold case with sapphire crystal; Dial: Grill shaped base dial; and a case made out of 18Kk rose gold. This timepiece features a crude oil imitation Oil Imitation liquid in a crystal tank and the hour and minute markers.

Retail price: $380,000.00 USD
Watch reference: OI100.AA.AA.A

The tradition of automatons in watchmaking is long and varied, normally with a very traditional focus. Jacob & Co. excels in traditional watchmaking with a modern twist, which perfectly describes the Oil Pump. It’s a traditional automaton with a contemporary subject – the oil industry. “I have many, many friends in the oil business, who came to me to develop something special for them,” remembers Jacob Arabo. “I saw what was on the market and I knew they wanted something more interesting and cooler. I had been talking with my engineers for three years to design this. What we have come up with is the real thing, it takes you straight to the oil fields.”

The two derricks move on demand, and there is even an “oil reserve” on the dial of the watch.

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