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Jacob Elordi Shines at TAG Heuer’s Carrera 60th Anniversary Party

Time sure flies, but some moments are simply timeless! Let's take a stroll down memory lane to that unforgettable night in April 2023 when @tagheuer hosted the Carrera 60th Anniversary Party.

Photo by: Jacob Elordi

In the distant future, when time machines are as common as smartphones, folks will fondly remember the TAG Heuer Carrera 60th Anniversary Party of April 2023. This soiree wasn’t just about celebrating the passage of time, but about wearing it on your wrist with style. And who better to demonstrate this than the dashing actor Jacob Elordi?

Jacob, known for his roles in hit shows and movies, made a grand entrance at the event, capturing the essence of timelessness with the new 60th Anniversary TAG Heuer Carrera Chronograph ‘Glassbox.’ It’s stainless steel, it’s blue, and it’s got more class than a penguin at a black-tie affair.


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Now, we know what you’re thinking: “What’s so special about another fancy watch?” Well, strap in (pun intended) for a journey through time that only TAG Heuer can provide.

Picture this: a curved sapphire crystal that’s so smooth it makes butter jealous. This crystal doesn’t just protect the watch; it embraces it, cradles it, and makes it look cooler than James Bond in a tuxedo. But wait, there’s more! Flip that watch over, and through the sapphire case back, you get a glimpse of the Calibre TH20-00 automatic mechanism. It’s like peering into the heart of a time-traveling machine.

But what’s the deal with the Carrera name? Well, it’s not just a catchy moniker. This watch was named after the Carrera Panamericana, one of the most iconic races in history. It’s the kind of race where cars zoomed through the streets of Mexico like they were late for taco night. In 1963, Jack Heuer released this masterpiece to the world, and it’s been turning heads ever since.

Now, back to Jacob Elordi. The man rocked this watch like he was born wearing it. He made stainless steel look as comfortable as pajamas on a Sunday morning and blue as timeless as the sky. As he posed for pictures, it seemed like time itself was standing still.

It’s not every day that you get to see a Hollywood heartthrob rocking a watch that’s as iconic as he is. TAG Heuer’s Carrera 60th Anniversary Party was a true throwback to elegance, style, and the timeless art of watchmaking.

So, while we can’t offer you a time machine to take you back to that memorable night, we can suggest the next best thing: get yourself a TAG Heuer Carrera Chronograph ‘Glassbox.’ It might not make you a Hollywood star, but it’ll sure make you feel like one. Just don’t be surprised if people start asking for your autograph. After all, when you’re wearing a piece of history on your wrist, you’re practically a time traveler in your own right.

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