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Jacob Arabo and His New Jacob and Co. Bugatti Tourbillon in Black DLC Titanium


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Imagine strapping a mini hypercar to your wrist, only this one won’t break the speed limit, just the minds of anyone who lays eyes on it. Enter Jacob Arabo and his latest showstopper—the 150-piece limited edition Jacob and Co. Bugatti Tourbillon in black DLC titanium.

This is not your average watch. No sir, this beauty is inspired by Bugatti’s latest hypercar, and it shows. The highlight? A V16 engine block automation. Yes, you read that right. A V16 engine on your wrist! Because who needs a four-cylinder when you can have sixteen pistons firing away in perfect synchronization, albeit in miniature form? It’s the kind of detail that makes you wonder if Jacob & Co. hired elves from a mythical race of watchmaking geniuses.


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But wait, there’s more! This watch boasts a 30-second double-pace flying tourbillon. If you’re not familiar with the term, just know that a tourbillon is like the Beyoncé of watch mechanisms. It dances, it spins, and it does it all with an effortless grace that would make a figure skater jealous. This particular tourbillon does a full spin every 30 seconds, which is twice as fast as your average tourbillon. Essentially, it’s the Usain Bolt of watch parts.

Now, if you’re worried about all this mechanical magic draining the battery faster than your favorite app, fear not. The Bugatti Tourbillon comes equipped with twin power reserves. That’s right—this watch has enough juice to keep its tiny engine revving and tourbillon twirling without breaking a sweat. It’s like having two fuel tanks in a car that only sips fuel. Practical? Maybe not. Impressive? Absolutely.

Let’s talk about the look. The black DLC titanium casing gives the watch a sleek, stealthy appearance that screams sophistication with a hint of “don’t mess with me.” It’s the sort of timepiece James Bond would wear if he decided to moonlight as a Formula 1 driver. Plus, with only 150 pieces available, wearing one of these is like joining an exclusive club where the membership card is a marvel of engineering.


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In the world of luxury timepieces, the Bugatti Tourbillon by Jacob & Co isn’t just a watch; it’s a statement. It says you appreciate the finer things in life, like precision engineering, jaw-dropping design, and a little bit of over-the-top flair. So, next time you check the time, remember, that you could be doing it with a V16 engine on your wrist. Why not? In a nutshell, this watch isn’t just about telling time—it’s about making every second count.

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