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Jacob Arabo is wearing the new Jacob and Co. Piece Unique “Billionaire Ashoka”

Arabo Ashoka WatchJacob Jacob Arabo, Founder and CEO of Jacob and Co. is wearing the piece unique “Billionaire Ashoka” in 18k white gold where the case and bracelet have been set with Ashoka cut white diamonds.

The dial is set with baguette diamonds, also featuring skeleton rhodium hands.

Price tag: $7,000,000.00 USD
Reference: BL120.30.BD.UA.A30BD

The white gold case of the Billionaire ASHOKA® measures 53x40mm and houses a skeletonized tourbillon movement, exclusive to Jacob & Co. Artistry in and of itself, skeletonizing this tourbillon movement removes every bit of extraneous material, leaving only what is necessary to ensure precise and robust operation. Every surface is chamfered, polished and finished to perfection. This manual-wind, almost see-through timepiece has an impressive power reserve of 72 hours. The result is a “jewel” of a movement, putting all the gears, wheels, and parts on linear display.

The one-minute tourbillon of the Billionaire Ashoka is haute horlogerie’s response to the high jewelry tour de force that surrounds it. With its black mirror polished upper cage – a finishing technique that requires immense patience and dexterity – hand-beveled and hand-polished edges and calculated operation, the tourbillon is the only complication to live up to the breathtaking visual experience of the diamond-set exterior. The tourbillon encapsulates the balance wheel, hairspring, escape wheel and a number of other crucially important, superbly finished components. Its most careful assembly is followed by a painstaking fine-tuning process, allowing the Billionaire to keep accurate time throughout its extended, 72-hour power reserve. Jacob & Co.’s watchmakers have been skeletonizing movements for decades, so they understand exactly where and how much to remove, and the result is a nearly see-through movement, configured vertically to maximize the beauty of this tourbillon-powered engine on the wrist.

The watch is available at: http://www.jacobandco.com/

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