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Jackie Chan is a combat artist from Hong Kong who is also an actor, circus performer, director, choreographer, as well as a singer. In the film industry, he is renowned for his humorous acrobatic style of fighting, hilarious timing, use of homemade weaponry, and creative stunts that he almost always pulls off by himself. He has also learned Kung Fu, Hapkido, and Wushu. Besides, he has been performing ever since the 1960s and has been in more than 150 movies.

In addition, Jackie Chan is also a renowned watch collector, owning several luxurious timepieces. Some of the watches from his collection are discussed below:

  • Richard Mille RM055 Jackie Chan Tourbillon

Jackie Chan brought kung-fu to the realm of worldwide cinema, revolutionizing the martial arts movie genre and identifying him as a great innovator. He is revered as a living god throughout China and has earned a reputation as a giving person by founding the “Dragon’s Heart Foundation,” This is an organization whose mission is to assist underprivileged kids in every way possible.

The long-standing connection between Jackie Chan with Richard Mille has sparked a number of projects. The most recent of which was Richard Mille RM055 Jackie Chan Tourbillon. An auction for the piece was conducted in September 2011, and the revenues were donated to the organization. 

The watch measures 48.18 mm in height by 39.70 mm in width. Its also made of 18k white gold and a white rubber strap that matches the casing’s tonneau shape. The Dragon’s Heart Foundation insignia is included on the dial of this unique piece, where it’s been somewhat incorporated into the style of the markers. The attractiveness of it is quite vibrant, and you can still make out a lot of the wristwatch beneath. The mechanically winding movement of RM 055 features a tourbillon and displays the time, power reserve, as well as torque. 

One can choose whether the vibrant patterns on the dial appeal to you in this unique item or not. Richard Mille simply wants to persuade one individual in reality. 


Jackie Chan wearing the 40mm 18k white gold piece unique Richard Mille RM055 Jackie Chan Tourbillon, created to raise money for the “Dragon’s Heart Foundation”. Photo: Getty Images


  • Richard Mille RM057 Dragon Tourbillon

Another outcome of their relationship is the RM 057 Dragon-Jackie Chan. In fact, Jackie Chan’s Chinese moniker, which means “one who shall become a dragon,” influenced Richard Mille to design an outstanding watch for the actor.

The Chinese Zodiac’s flamboyant free spirits, the dragons, can’t really contain their bursting-with-ideas creative flair. They, therefore, look for freedom and space. They virtually always succeed since they have no fear in the face of difficulty and are self-assured.

The RM 057 Dragon-Jackie Chan represents everything deserving of a dragon’s regard for a momentous event and creature. The tourbillon bridge is held in place by the golden dragon carving and colored scales around the movement baseplate, which is made of genuine, deep Black Onyx, regarded as a gemstone of innovation and balance. The five-toed paw of the animal serves as evidence of its Magnificent rank. The spherical, embossed Jackie Chan logo embedded into the black Onyx baseplate edge spins once per 60 seconds in time with the tourbillon’s movement. This gives it a sophisticated visual touch. In addition, a red-gold dragon adorns the 36-piece limited edition RM 057 Dragon-Jackie Chan in 18K white gold.

Jackie Chan who is one of the most popular action film stars of all time, wears a Richard Mille RM057 Dragon Tourbillon ‘Jackie Chan’ in white gold with a dial featuring a hand-painted rose gold dragon. Photo: Getty Images

  • Richard Mille Airbus

Richard Mille RM 50-02 Airbus Tourbillon is another valuable watch in Jackie Chan’s collection. The model is a limited edition of just 30 pieces.

The aviation industry and Richard Mille’s timepieces have a lot in common. All depend on cutting-edge innovation and technology, lightweight, robust, and energy-efficient components. Jointly developing the RM 50-02 ACJ timepiece is Richard Mille with Airbus Corporate Jets, the company’s exclusive division that creates custom aircraft for affluent individuals. 

The unique case is made of the same titanium-aluminum alloy as the Airbus jet wind turbine and is fashioned like an aircraft window. The piece has skeletonized as well as open-worked faces to save weight. Additionally, some of the movement’s components have a specialized aerospace treatment to prevent rusting on the split-seconds Chrono movement’s engine. Just like the modified Airbus jets for VIP flyers, the watch dial glows as with the hue of the cockpit.  

Richard Mille RM 50-02 Airbus Tourbillon Split Seconds Chronograph. Photo: Getty Images

  • Richard Mille Sapphire Tourbillon

On several occasions, Jackie Chan has been sported wearing the Richard Mille Sapphire Tourbillon. Even though you might require a financial base of over a million Swiss dollars, it is pretty challenging to access this timepiece. This is the case because there are only five pieces of such a split-time clock, RM 056 tourbillon Chrono.

The tourbillon movement of a Richard Mille watch is placed on a sapphire surface to allow for maximum light. The movement features hours, minutes, 2 markers for the typically determined speed of 53 and 65 dNmm, correspondingly at 11 and 2 hours, and a functional option at 4 hours, as well as a power reserve of about 70 hours. The remainder of the design honors titanium’s light, which plays an important role in the watchmaking legend.

This new calibre employs the greatest design elements together with additional advancements. This helps achieve an unmatched performance level for lengthy time tracking accuracy and longevity. It is not simply an update of the original RM008 movement. Besides, the cable system provides incredibly effective shielding from shocks and vibrations. 

Over 40 days were spent milling sapphire on a specialized CNC machine that was running around the clock in the Lyss offices of a significant sapphire expert. Due to 24 5th-grade titanium spline fasteners used to join two visible Nitril O-rings on RM 56-01 caliber, water resistance of 30 meters is maintained without any compromises.

For a leap of 20% plus, a torque barrel with slow recoil is ideal, particularly whenever the spring becomes less coiled. Also, the integrated hand-setting system is located on the back.

Richard Mille RM 056 All Sapphire Tourbillon, limited to only five pieces world wide. Photo: Getty Images

Bottom Line 

There is no denying that the Swiss luxury watchmaker, Richard Mille, is his biggest supporter. Not only did Richard create a line of timepieces celebrating the renowned combat fighter and actor, but he also created a one-off that carries his name and gave it to him.

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