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J Balvin – Rolex Milgauss ‘Mickey Mouse’

Singer and songwriter J Balvin wears a special 40mm Rolex Milgauss ‘Mickey Mouse’ in stainless steel treated with matte black PVD.

The famous mouse is a popular theme on Rolex dials and has appeared on different brands during the years. You could say it is a combination of timeless horology and popular culture.

About The Watch

Recall the Mickey Mouse you owned when you were younger? Well, because of their unique interpretation of the Disney-decorated clock, George Bamford and crew have elevated the traditional form to a completely different level.

The Rolex Mickey Mouse has a long history that began in 1949. Reference 3131 was the earliest known Rolex watch featuring a Mickey Mouse pattern. Mickey Mouse may be seen on the lower portion of the 32-millimeter piece’s dial. Along with allusions from the 1960s through the 1980s, more recent versions with the recognizable mouse are frequently seen, particularly various Datejust and Daytona variations.

From 2004, George Bamford has gained a following by redialing precious timepieces, a practice that was originally viewed as sacrilege in some horological communities. His designs included redialed Rolexes with popular culture figures like Snoopy as well as Popeye to blacked-out Zeniths.

In contrast to Bamford Watches Department’s customized Oyster Date watches, brand-new Rolexes are purchased and afterward upgraded with modern industrial casing finishes, fresh indexes, and unique dial coatings. Moreover, for buyers seeking the most customized Rolex sensation, such Mickeys are offered for sale as limited run or unique versions.

As a result of LVMH’s interest in these customized watches, the company later formally joined with Bamford Watches Department to establish the company as a recognized personalization associate of Zenith, Bulgari, and TAG Heuer. Chief of Industrial design at LVMH Jean Claude Biver claims that his children, who were also aware of the pop-culture allusions in the industry’s models, introduced him to Bamford.

In 2016, Bamford Watch Department also obtained permission from Disney to utilize Mickey’s likeness for a partnership alongside the pop artwork brand The Rodnik Band. This watch was essentially a Milgauss that was made of stainless steel and black military-grade titanium.

Mickey Mouse is boldly shown on the Rolex Milgauss ‘Mickey Mouse’ dial, while his hands represent the minute and hour arms. Additionally, the dial features a more subdued Mickey theme. To demonstrate the origins of this unique relationship, The Rodnik Bank X Disney X Bamford Watch Department is inscribed on the case back.

The bracelet size of this Rolex Milgauss ‘Mickey Mouse’ is 6.1 inches and is made of matte silver PVD-treated stainless steel Oyster. The casing also measures 40mm in diameter. In addition, this watch is powered by an automatic caliber 3131 movement.

In general, one of the most well-known and unique dials is the Rolex Mickey Mouse dial. Professionals and enthusiasts have been split regarding whether these are replacement prints or authentic reproductions for a long time. The Rolex Milgauss ‘Mickey Mouse’, however, is a popular dial variation that is enjoyable to dress and is gradually growing in demand.

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Photo: José Balvin

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