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Introducing Perrelet Turbine Evo by Label Noir

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This is undoubtedly an enthralling encounter between Perrelet and Label Noir. It’s the first time the creator of the self-winding mechanism and the autonomous Geneva craftsman, a committed innovator of timekeeping, have worked together. Due to this exceptional partnership, the Turbine Evo by Label Noir is going off to a deeper, darker, and unquestionably more stunning sky. In other words, it’s a unique development for a new definition of sleek elegance.

Suppose Perrelet and Label Noir were to share a conviction. In that case, it’d be to uphold the illustrious legacy of watchmaking and become experts in the most distinguished methods to continue astounding. After all, the Swiss Manufacture, founded in 1777 by A.L. Perrelet, has long stood out.


Photo: Revolution Watch


Moreover, the brand, which invented the mechanical movement and made watches for 3 French kings, is now recognized for its distinctive watch dials that use a unique technology: a dual rotor. The recognizable Turbine is the manifestation of this patent-protected innovation.

The watch is a contemporary version featuring 12 blades that were prompted by airplane gas turbines and enjoy keeping up with modern innovations. The 2019 version of the sporting Turbine is now known as TURBINE EVO and is much more upscale and contemporary. EVO, which means Evolution, reflects Label Noir’s determination to go beyond the exquisite and uncommon and strive to stand down. Likewise, the Turbine Evo x Label Noir marks a new phase in the company’s legacy of co-branding and the 7th partnership with a timepiece company. A method for the Geneva designer to heighten originality, enlarge the subject, and use its distinctive mark of skill. It’s also a unique and completely changed watch, an innovative and eccentric luxury.


Hypnotic Black: Label Noir Trademark

Two distinct symbols distinguish Perrelet as well as its Turbine line. The 1995 patent for its unique Double Rotor innovation has since evolved into the company’s DNA and its avant-garde dials.



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The iconic 12-blade dial, a distinguishing feature of the Turbine finished in black ADLC, effortlessly rotates with wrist movement. Likewise, a deep glimpse of its heart exposes a brass sub-dial with a captivating visual impact in the background. Every piece’s “electrocasting” element coating provides a distinct, enigmatic appearance with bright tones. 

Emmanuel Curti decided to emphasize the aesthetic benefits. The seconds’ indicator is matched to the blades. Likewise, the blades are matched to the pointer hours by the Geneva-based designer who founded the business that is now a specialist in the most complex treatments. Hour, minute, and second indexes are all black superluminova for optimal visibility in any lighting. 

This timepiece, which is only produced in 50 pieces, is a little more black, noticeable, and scarce. The Soulage is provided with a Perrelet bi-material band in black alligator motif leather with P.U., but it is not its only distinctive quality. To replicate the gray bezel, the 44-millimeter round stainless-steel casing has been given the Label Noir characteristic coating of grey ADLC. The foundation of this distinctive look is the contrasting nature of the colors, making it modern, sophisticated, and refined.


Turbine Evo: Perrelet Intricacy and Accuracy

Regarding the movement, this watch has all the distinctive qualities of the legendary Turbine EVO, which debuted in 2019 for the Serie’s tenth anniversary. It features 42 hours of power reserve, 28,800 movements per hour, and an in-house automated movement P-331-MH that has received COSC certification. 


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It is simply astounding how much attention to detail Perrelet gives to each aspect. The casing’s exterior crown, which has fluting in its design, is definitely a more modern model of the traditional manufacturing pattern. Squared part grooves on the center of the casing create pure structural pilasters, but there’s more to it. If you pay special attention to the rear of the case, you will see that the sapphire crystal circle also has ornamental channels. Thus, numerous elements point to the Turbine Evo Label Noir’s position in the exclusive group of watches inspired by futuristic elegance. 

Overall, Perrelet Turbine EVO Label Noir Watch is outstanding and provides many design ideas. Hence, both aficionados and collectors will be pretty interested in this timepiece.

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