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Innovative Technologies Used by TAG Heuer

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The foundations of TAG Heuer, a forerunner in the watch industry since 1860, comprise engineering prowess, precise timekeeping, and cutting-edge design. During Viva Technology, the manufacturing company, which incorporates innovation into every aspect of its operations, was highlighted at the LVMH Luxury Lab.

A daring, non-conformist style, a desire for difficulty, and a spirit of exploration characterize the uniqueness of TAG Heuer. The brand, which Edouard Heuer established in 1860, completely altered the watchmaking sector. In a bold move, he made watches easier to create and more inexpensive without compromising their accuracy. He also created and trademarked the oscillation gear in 1887. This innovation is still utilized in contemporary chronographs.

Charles-Auguste Heuer carried on his father Edouard Heuer’s dream of building a chronograph having 10 times more accuracy than existing versions. In 1916, the Mikrograph, a device that could measure time with an accuracy of 1/100th of a second, was created.


Photo: Monochrome (The Mikrograph)


In 2016, TAG Heuer commemorated the 100th anniversary of this significant achievement.

Since its inception, TAG Heuer has played a key role in supporting significant technological and sporty accomplishments. The company continued to improve the efficiency of its chronographs while being motivated by innovations in aircraft and car racing. TAG Heuer also developed the first water-resistant casing, allowing aviators, sportspeople, yachters, researchers, and others to use their chronographs in any condition. 

Furthermore, with the introduction of the first automated chronograph mechanism, TAG Heuer chronographs maintained their creativity and attracted new clients. Project 99, which Jack Heuer started, remained a secret till 1969 when the renowned Calibre 11 movement incorporating a micro-rotor was publicly unveiled.


Photo: Time And Tide (Calibre 11)


The Heuer Monaco chronograph was created with its iconic square, blue, and water-resistant casing—a rare accomplishment for a square case—because this breakthrough movement deserved an outstanding cover. The press button on the left made it abundantly evident that the timepiece no longer required daily winding.

Generally, the Swiss company, which has four production facilities in Switzerland, is a fully furnished watch manufacturer with an astonishing array of avant-garde movements. TAG Heuer’s commitment to the invention never wavered, even when the digital world came into being, and Jack Heuer was instrumental in the creation of the revolutionary quartz clocks in the 1960s. 


Photo: Time And Tide (TAG Heuer Monaco back)


In addition, TAG Heuer has stayed on this course throughout the past years, creating fantastic watches. 

What makes TAG Heuer watches so special?

Most likely, if you’re considering a TAG Heuer, then you desire a timepiece with robust functionality. There are some characteristics that each version in the TAG Heuer catalog shares. Besides, every watch produced by the company has a distinct function. They are all equally trendy due to their simple and sporty aesthetics.

The company initially created the Carrera as a race watch. Its main feature, 3 subdials that display hours, minutes, and seconds, makes this purpose obvious. With the watch, car drivers can easily tell the time. With good cause, the Carrera is undoubtedly TAG Heuer’s flagship product. It has a timeless, simple form and sizing that appeals to collectors. 


Photo: Hodinkee


On the other hand, Monaco is considered a “modern classic” by TAG Heuer. With its distinctive square casing, it certainly stands out. It is also a solid option if you like a bold, modern look.

The TAG Heuer Aquaracer, however, drifts away from the realm of racing. Divers can easily read this watch when submerged, thanks to its large luminous hands and hour markings. This Aquaracer is also available in a range of materials and has several practical features. The most popular metal is stainless steel, although there is a two-colored steel and gold alternative if you want something more elegant. 


Photo: Hodinkee (TAG Heuer Aquaracer)


Another variant in the brand’s lineup, The Link, provides a few unique characteristics compared to other models. The Link is a dressy clock as opposed to a sporting or tool wristwatch. Although it has a somewhat sportier style than the typical dress piece, it is still a fantastic choice for daily wear.

Overall, TAG Heuer timepieces are fantastic because they appeal to a wide range of people. The brand is thus a great choice at an affordable price range whether you’re searching for a diver, racing, or just a daily wear piece.

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