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HYT recovered From Bankruptcy and Turned Things around

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HYT watch collection tries to deviate from the norm. Their daring designs give a different way to tell the time in addition to making an impression on the wrist. HYT timepieces operate differently from conventional analog and digital pieces. They are not driven in the same manner that a quartz or manual clock is. Besides, HYT watches employ cutting-edge tech to achieve pinpoint precision wholly distinctively.

Lucien Vouillamoz established the business in Neuchatel, Switzerland, in 2012. The history of HYT timepieces began when Chairman Patrick Berdoz envisioned a creative method of telling the time through the liquid.

To keep track of passing time centuries ago, Pharaohs in Clepsydras moved water from one container to the next. With cutting-edge watch concepts that include a novel fluidic module, HYT timepieces were built on that principle. A watch created by HYT uses colored fluids to reflect the recent event. The moment of their encounter is represented by the clear liquid of the near future.

Generally, HYT timepieces are unique devices that utilize water to keep time due to their structure. The Swiss watchmaker firm continues to use the time-indicating fluid in their clocks with the help of their fellow firm, Preciflex. Besides, HYT can continue to produce eye-catching timepieces thanks to Swiss innovation and creativity.

Below is a brief tour of HYT’s modern history in 5 watches:

  1. HYT H1

HYT H1 hydro-mechanical timepieces are only a few illustrations of Swiss invention and artistry, with a striking and contemporary style. They are the initial pieces that Vincent Perriard, the former CEO of HYT, unveiled in 2012 at Baselworld, a yearly trade show for jewelry and watches conducted in Switzerland. Although HYT has produced numerous wristwatch series, the H1 model is still the company’s most enduring and iconic collection.

This line of watches features stainless steel casings, sapphire crystals, and rubber straps in dark grey or black featuring titanium foldable buckles. Furthermore, they have a miniature dial that shows the number of seconds, which have passed, as well as HYT’s proprietary micro-fluidic component. The microfluidic unit is available in black, green, blue, and red hues. However, not all of the pieces in this series are black.




  1. HYT H2

HYT debuted their second series of hydro-mechanical timepieces at Baselworld 2013 in conjunction with renowned Swiss watchmaker Audemars Piguet Renaud & Papi. Relative to their counterparts, the clocks in the HYT H2 line seem more like machines. A customized thermometer was also built into the timepiece by HYT. This tells the user whether the watch’s distinctive fluid dynamics are at the ideal temperature or whether it has to be heated up or cooled.

Along with these improvements, HYT H2 timepieces have a fresh dial design. They feature a bigger jumping minute indicator, a dial-mounted spring balancing, and bellows arranged in a V near the six o’clock mark. With such an upgrade, HYT H2 clocks now have a mechanical look and a new unique logo. The bigger minute hand, which is now located in the center of the dial, leaps from 5:30 to 6:30 before continuing along its usual course. Nevertheless, not all of the clocks in this series feature this robotic, mechanical aspect.




  1. HYT H4

The HYT H4 is one of the brand’s most exclusive series, launched in 2015. HYT has consistently aimed for exclusivity and grandeur, evidenced by its HYT H4 line. In addition, this unique luxury timepiece has an ingenious form and a time tracking system that is unmatched. Also, the HYT H4 collection sparks astonishment and delight among most aficionados worldwide due to its rarity and originality.




  1. HYT Flow

Ever thought about whether a single timepiece could illuminate a pitch-black area? The limited-edition HYT Flow series respond to that. The HYT Flow is a newer model of the HYT H4 that was released in 2016. It has hydro-mechanical watches featuring white LED light units on the dial. These watches lights don’t require batteries, unlike those in its ancestors, and it boasts a more attractive look overall.

The two push crowns on HYT Flow watches are located at the 2 and 4 o’clock positions, respectively. The lever crown placed at 4 o’clock needs to be winded up and pushed to switch on the LED light. This LED light is situated at the 6 o’clock spot.

In addition, the watch may generate electricity by turning an electric coil when the button is wound up. When the switch is clicked, the timepiece illuminates for a minimum of 8 seconds plus up to two seconds each time. It’s because the crown could be compressed up to 4 times prior to being wound again.


HYT Flow

  1. HYT Soonow

The HYT Soonow is the Swiss label’s signature collection, drawing heavily on the Latin term “memento mori” and ancient Aztec artwork. This collection, which debuted in 2019, includes recognizable hydro-mechanical skeleton pieces meant to remind the user to experience life to the max. In contrast to their predecessors, HYT Soonow clocks have a more aesthetic design.

These watches have a fluid mechanism that has become synonymous with HYT, although not in a circle design. Rather, the fluid is contained in the skull’s contour. 313 18K gold screws are then inserted into the skull. Moreover, the left eye is used as a second indication and is inscribed with “SOON” and “NOW” motifs. The Aztec-like right eye serves as a power reserve indication at the same time. Additionally, based on the model, the teeth are constructed of polymer or 18K gold.


HYT Soonow



HYT timepieces are renowned throughout the world for their distinct method of keeping time. In addition to using fluids to show the time, the clocks have a stylish design and eye-catching visual aspects. For lovers of fine watches, it continues to be among the most desirable timepiece brands in the world.

The fact that HYT timepieces aren’t your standard luxurious piece is what renders them so unique. At first look, each unique design is immediately apparent, arousing fascination and curiosity. Because the company firmly believes that such hydro and mechanical gadgets can add a great deal to contemporary keeping time, the company keeps expanding on creative design ideas.

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