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Huang Z. TAO’s Exclusive Richard Mille RM 47 Tourbillon

Huang Z.TAO's Exclusive Style With Richard Mille RM 47 Tourbillon

Photo by: Huang Z.TAO

When it comes to Chinese rap sensation Huang Z.TAO, there’s no doubt that he’s a man of style. Whether he’s on stage spitting rhymes or attending high-profile events, he always knows how to make a statement. Recently, the spotlight fell on Huang Z.TAO when he was spotted wearing his TZP Black Ceramic Richard Mille RM 47 Manual Winding Tourbillon, a watch that’s not just about telling time; it’s a piece of art that takes us on a journey back in time.

The Richard Mille RM 47 Tourbillon is more than just a watch; it’s a masterpiece. Inspired by Japanese craftsmanship and the samurai code of ethics known as Bushido, this limited edition timepiece is a reflection of tradition and timeless values. With only 75 pieces available, it’s an exclusive accessory that Huang Z.TAO proudly flaunted, demonstrating his refined taste and appreciation for craftsmanship.


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The RM 47 Tourbillon is a symbol of the Bushido philosophy, which continues to hold a significant place in Japanese culture. This ethos emphasizes values like loyalty, honor, and self-discipline, just like a samurai warrior. The watch captures the essence of this code with its intricate design and impeccable craftsmanship.

The TZP black ceramic case of the Richard Mille RM 47 exudes elegance and sophistication. It’s the kind of timepiece that not only tells time but also makes time stop when you lay your eyes on it. Its striking design, with its sharp angles and curves, reflects the precision and dedication required in crafting a masterpiece like this.

What sets this timepiece apart is the manual-winding tourbillon movement, a true testament to Richard Mille’s dedication to horological innovation. The tourbillon, a feature that rotates the escapement and balance wheel, enhances the watch’s accuracy. It’s a representation of the meticulous attention to detail found in Japanese craftsmanship, mirroring the dedication of a samurai perfecting his craft.

Huang Z.TAO’s choice of the Richard Mille RM 47 Tourbillon not only showcases his impeccable taste but also his connection to the deep-rooted traditions and values that transcend time and borders. This watch is a blend of modern luxury and ancient wisdom, a timepiece that reminds us of the beauty and significance of preserving traditions in a fast-paced world.


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As the proud owner of one of only 75 pieces of this extraordinary timepiece, Huang Z.TAO has proven that his style goes beyond the lyrics he drops into his music. It’s a style that reflects culture, history, and a commitment to timeless values. When you see him sporting his Richard Mille RM 47 Tourbillon, it’s not just a watch; it’s a symbol of artistry, history, and a commitment to living life with honor and grace.

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