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Grand Seiko Unveils the Icy New “Snowflake” SBGX353

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Grand Seiko has launched the “Snowflake” SBGX353, a watch that predicts the arrival of winter. This came after the release of the SLGH013, which imitates the melting ice of Mt. Iwate.

This brand-new Grand Seiko Elegance Line wristwatch has a quartz blue dial prompted by the sculpted snow that builds up in the Shinshu peaks in central Japan. Another example of Grand Seiko’s constant inspiration from the splendor of the Japanese landscape is the piece’s design. It goes beyond mere aesthetics to evoke a tranquil sense of well-being.

Design and Specifications:

The dial used on this “Snowflake” SBGX353 by the company has been around for a while. It originally appeared on the SBGA407, which has been affectionately named the “Skyflake.” The sky’s tint influenced the color scheme as snow fell within the Shinshu wristwatch studio. However, as with the initial Snowflake, the dial motif mimics a field of snow. In general, the design that remains true to its source of motivation is this pattern.


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Grand Seiko’s Shinshu Watch Studio, housed at Seiko Epson Corporation in the Shiojiri factory in Japan, used a plating technique made well-known by the renowned Grand Seiko “Snowflake” to produce the watch’s striking sky-blue dial. The dial is covered in ethereal coatings of substances that combine to form a smooth, powder-like texture reminiscent of Shinshu’s chilly winter sky and wind-whipped snows.

A classic heat-blued seconds indicator, manufactured one by one by skilled artisans in the studio, highlights the sky-blue dial. One might notice that Grand Seiko’s quartz seconds indexes beat twice every second as compared to only once when observed in a noticeably slowed-down clip. Only one solid click could be seen with the bare eye, and the intermediary tick is imperceptible.

This incredibly precise seconds display is calibrated against a background of facet, diamond-cut markers. Viewing the time in poor lighting conditions is still feasible even if this exquisite dress variant completely disregards lume. This is because of the reflecting and shadowed contrast of the renowned Grand Seiko’s multi-faceted indicators and hands.

The usage of a smaller, slimmer casing, which does away with the date aperture and battery reserve indication, is something that is new. Due to its extremely dressy appearance and 34-millimeter size, it is a good option for many people with small wrists seeking a piece of this caliber. The dial’s simplicity is a prompted decision since it makes up for its diminutive dimension by making it less congested. Besides, it enables a deeper understanding of how the dial functions.


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Lastly, the Grand Seiko SBGX353 powder-blue dial, as well as a deep blue seconds indicator, interplay subtly with the deep blue crocodile strap.

The Movement:

With prospective buyers in mind, the Grand Seiko 9F quartz movement is accurate, consistent, and long-lasting. The ornamentation used on the movement’s arches gives off a sensation of this quality.

Grand Seiko takes quartz, keeping time seriously, and its movements have quite a complicated design. It also features a degree of ornamentation that several watch lovers often associate with timepieces driven by springs rather than batteries.

Additionally, the movement has a security shield that guards the most delicate timekeeping parts of the gear train against dust and debris when battery replacements are taking place. The outcome is an attractive caliber built to be worn frequently throughout the coming years.


Photo: Fratello Watches


Bottom Line

The Grand Seiko Elegance Series is exactly what its name embodies. Every timepiece has a flawless polish, making it the ideal watch for significant life events while also possessing subtle complexity. Besides, the SBGX353 blends into the collection perfectly.

On the other hand, the battery-powered movements are finished with similarly high standards as their manual predecessors, and Grand Seiko is proud of them. Additionally, the SBGX353 has diamond-cut markings, including a distinctive dual indicator at 12 o’clock. It also includes an AR-treated sapphire crystal, a screw-down case back, and waterproofing of up to 30 m. This indicates that it is both beautiful and durable.

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