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Five Fashionable watches from Guess

Guess a global fashion, lifestyle and watch brand for men woman and kids. Photo: Guess

Georges Marciano founded the Guess label in the year 1981. Originally, it was a collection of styles. Maurice, George’s brother, assisted him in the creation of stylish products. His other brothers took charge of distributing and marketing the items.

Georges began creating clothing and developed the signature Guess design, which used stonewashed denim. This was much more comfortable and brighter in color compared to the rival brands. This tactic and diligent work helped this business achieve significant success.

With the assistance of Callanen International, a division of the Timex Group Corporation, Guess introduced its first timepiece in 1984. Since that time, Callanen has been a global supplier of Guess watches. The production rights for Guess timepieces would be transferred to Fossil under a 10-year deal which Guess and Fossil announced in 2005. But the agreement crumbled less than a month after it was revealed.

As a result, Guess declared in September 2005 that Callanen would carry on producing and selling Guess timepieces. The corporations agreed to a 10-year international licensing agreement on January 1, 2007. Months before the new license deal took effect, in November 2006, The Timex Group reorganized its Callanen International division and launched a brand-new global company called Sequel AG.

The manufacturing and selling of Guess and Guess Collection (Gc) luxury timepieces will be transferred from Callanen to The Sequel. Additionally, it would be in charge of the worldwide licenses for Guess and Guess Collection jewelry. Consequently, Sequel was making and offering Gc and Guess timepieces and jewelry by January 1, 2007. The same business continues to produce Guess watches today. Moreover, Guess Timepieces offer a variety of designs and hues for both men and women.

Here is a brief tour of the Guess modern history watches:

  1. G By Guess Men’s Black Watch

The G by Guess Men’s Black Watch is among the best remarkable pieces in the Guess watch series. The concept was produced with accuracy and originality. Also, it has a lovely and delicate touch and is essentially unmatched. Your heart will undoubtedly be taken away by it.



In addition, G by Guess Men’s Black Watch is distinctive and features a body made entirely of black that will make any gentleman appear to be a powerful figure. It is the runaway favorite in terms of quality. Moreover, the genuine crystal set at the 2 o’clock position enhances the elegance of this timepiece.

There’s no doubt that eyes will chase you if you wear this piece on your wrist. This is because its style was intended to garner recognition. Other incredible features include waterproofness and a quartz movement.

  1. Guess Leather Ladies Watch W0512L1

This timepiece is ideal for all the fashionable women in the world who enjoy accessorizing with their watches. This Guess watch for women is incredibly stylish and exquisite. It features an additional band that allows you to change it anytime. The white strap goes well with bright hues, whereas the black strap looks great with ensembles that have darker shades. You practically get two timepieces at the expense of one.



The simplicity and elegance of this timepiece make it a favorite among women. This is because it is the epitome of sophistication and style. The design was produced by Guess with both functionality and aesthetics in mind. Its bezel has crystals inlaid in it, which increases its sparkle.

On the other hand, the black and white straps are composed of leather. It also features an analog screen and a Japanese quartz movement.

  1. Guess Factory Men’s Black-Tone Multifunction Watch

If you consider yourself a timepiece aficionado with a passion for collecting watches, you will undoubtedly adore the look and style of this model. Guess Factory Men’s Black-Tone Multifunction Watch is one of the brand Guess classics.

This straightforward yet timeless watch matches any dress and event, making it ideal for individuals constantly on the move. Besides, wearing this watch on your wrist will make you appear absolutely gorgeous.



In addition, Guess Factory Men’s Black-Tone Multifunction Watch is a multifunctional work of art in contrast with a black tint and a brown leather strap. It is, therefore, unquestionably necessary for your timepiece assortment. This watch is also ideal for your daily activities. Hence, you may wear it to the movies, while with friends, at school, at work, or even on dates. Additionally, it features a Chrono display, which enhances its elegance.

  1. Guess Women’s Stainless Steel Crystal Casual Watch

Guess Women’s Stainless Steel Crystal Casual Watch is suitable if you are looking for one that complements your professional and casual attire. It successfully combines glitz and simple elegance and is among the brand’s most coveted pieces.

It is composed of stainless steel, while the crystal embellishments cover the whole bezel, giving it a slightly formal appearance. The big star, in this case, is the sparkly gradient dial. Such a concept is difficult to locate elsewhere.



You will undoubtedly attract attention and receive great compliments for its distinctive design. The three subdials, hourly markings, and inlaid Guess logo are all on the glittering dial, along with silver-tone indexes. The watch also boasts a sporting feminine look and is water-resistant.

  1. Guess His & Hers Watches

Guess developed the His and Hers collection to cater to all couples who prefer matching watches. It gives them a feeling of the connection while also being capable of expressing their sense of style. When the ideal pair is found, it just feels amazing not only with your soulmate but also with your items.


Photo: Guess


The series comprises many designs from the several divisions they have, including genuine leather, silicone, Swarovski crystals, stainless steel, and others. Despite some variations, a few have a common color scheme and appearance.

With His and Hers timepieces, all couples’ needs are catered for. Simply put, Guess does have a pair for everyone, ranging from formal, showy, classic, and athletic to modern varieties.


Allow yourself to enjoy high-end, fashionable watches with the Guess fashion brand. The label’s innovations and ongoing attempts to deliver the best provide further evidence that you receive what you pay for. The brand also has an advantage over its competitors due to its experience and insight into the fashion industry. Therefore, consider purchasing a Guess wristwatch if you’re seeking a stylish and functional accessory.


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