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Frédéric Arnault assembling the Avengers of the watch world as CEO of LVMH Watches

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Hold onto your watches, folks! The whirlwind of chair-swapping at LVMH Watches & Jewelry Division has us all reeling. The division’s been playing musical chairs, and we’ve got some major moves to announce:

Frédéric Arnault: This guy’s been TAG Heuer’s maestro since 2017 and even upgraded to CEO status in 2020. Now, hold onto your hats—Frédéric’s been handed the keys to the entire LVMH Watches kingdom! He’s taking the CEO throne overseeing Hublot, TAG Heuer, and Zenith. That’s right, he’s the big boss now. Talk about a career glow-up!

Julien Tornare: From CEO of Zenith to the captain’s chair at TAG Heuer! This dude’s got the watch game on lockdown. His ticket from Zenith to TAG Heuer’s helm comes with a backstage pass to keep the brand’s momentum rolling. Someone’s about to sprinkle some serious watchmaking magic over there.

Benoit de Clerck: Stepping into Julien’s Zenith shoes. Can he keep the innovation flag flying high? Time will tell, pun totally intended.

And the best part? Frédéric Arnault’s got these three powerhouses under his wing: Julien, Benoit, and Ricardo Guadalupe, the main maestro of Hublot. It’s like assembling the Avengers of the watch world.

Stéphane Bianchi himself chimed in, singing praises like a watchmaking maestro. He’s hyped to see Frédéric work his magic across all three Maisons. And Julien? Well, he’s getting a royal nod of approval for his promotion from Stéphane himself. Talk about boss-level endorsement!

So, brace yourselves, because with this dream team in place, who knows what watch wonders they’ll conjure next?

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