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Cruz Beckham – Rolex Submariner Date “The Starbucks”

Singer and model Cruz Beckham, the third child of Victoria Beckham and David Beckham, wears a 41mm Rolex Submariner Date “The Starbucks” in stainless steel featuring a black dial surrounded by a green cheracrom bezel.

The latest generation Submariner remains faithful to the original model launched in 1953, a timepiece that set a historic standard for divers’ watches.

Overall Review

Ever wondered which watch models are best for divers? Well, the answer should be a Rolex Submariner Date “The Starbucks,” made of black and green hues. It is nicknamed the “Starbucks” and stands out in the new lineup of date and non-date brands. It is also an improved line of submariners, which the entire divers and watch community prefers. Furthermore, it is a positive extension and feature upgrade to the Rolex watch collection, which was done in 2020.

The current Starbuck generation has similarities with the original model launched in 1953. However, it sets the bar for the watch history and the divers.  The Cerachrom bezel inlay is made by Rolex from a tough, corrosion-resistant ceramic and is almost impervious to scratches. Regardless of how dark the surroundings are, legibility is guaranteed by a luminous capsule just on zero marks. The knurled border of the bezel is expertly crafted to provide exceptional grip in the water and in gloves.

The Rolex Submariner Date “The Starbucks” has a 41-mm diameter as well as a casing, which is made of Oystersteel. It also features a perpetual, mechanical, self-winding; Paramagnetic blue Parachrom hairspring gives it excellent-performance Paraflex shock absorbers.

In addition, this watch is made of a bezel and solid-link Oyster bracelet, which rotates in a single direction, and this is the primary function. It is set to 60-minute graduations allowing dives to effectively and securely track diving time and decompression stops.

The Rolex Submariner Date “The Starbucks” has a super movement caliber of 3235. This self-winding mechanical movement is at the front of the art of watchmaking. It gives essential improvements in terms of precision, power reserve of up to 70 hours, equivalent to a whole three diving days, shock resistance and magnetic fields, convenience, and reliability. It incorporates the new Chronergy escapement patented by Rolex, which combines high energy efficacy with high reliability. It is also made up of nickel-phosphorus and is not sensitive to magnetism interfering.

This timepiece has a Perpetual rotor which enables bidirectional self-winding. In addition, it has a folding Oysterlock safety clasp. It is the most desirable, especially in secondary markets. This is due to its silky and athletic make. Besides, it is highly durable.

It has Chromalight hourly markings as well as hands coated with a luminescent material emitting a long-lasting blue glow in dark conditions. This ensures extraordinary legibility. It also has a Triplock winding crown, with a triple waterproofness system of up to 300 meters (1,000 feet), which is guarded by a crown guard, which forms the middle casing. Moreover, its sapphire crystal is virtually scratchproof.

Lastly, Rolex Submariner Date “The Starbucks” features a Cerachrom inserted by the minute hand. It allows the indication of the timeframe of the dive during diving. The bezel turns only counterclockwise, and any contrary rotation leads to shortening the dive time.

Price market: $28,000.00 USD

Watch reference: 126610LV

Photo: Cruz Beckham / Phigora

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