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Conor McGregor’s Rolex Day-Date

Conor McGregor's Latest Rolex: A Tupac-Inspired Masterpiece

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In the world of combat sports, Conor McGregor is a name that needs no introduction. The former UFC world champion, also known as “The Notorious,” has been making headlines for years, not just for his fighting prowess, but also for his flamboyant lifestyle.

One aspect of McGregor’s extravagant lifestyle that often gets attention is his love for luxury watches. McGregor has been spotted wearing some of the most expensive and exclusive watches in the world, and his latest acquisition is no different. The Irish fighter recently showed off a stunning 36mm Rolex Day-Date in 18-carat yellow gold, which has been inspired by the legendary rapper Tupac Shakur.


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The watch in question is the Rolex Day-Date reference 128348RBR, which features a green ombré dial and a president bracelet. However, what sets McGregor’s watch apart is that the bezel, the hour markers, and the bracelet links have been factory-set with pavé diamonds. This gives the watch an incredibly luxurious and flashy look that is perfect for McGregor’s bold style.

McGregor has been known to wear a variety of luxury watches in the past, but this particular Rolex Day Date holds a special meaning for him. Tupac Shakur, who was tragically killed in 1996, was one of McGregor’s greatest inspirations, both in and out of the ring. The rapper’s music, his style, and his fearless attitude have all influenced McGregor in some way, and he has often paid tribute to Tupac in his own unique way.

By wearing a watch that is inspired by Tupac, McGregor is once again paying homage to the rapper’s legacy. The watch is a fitting tribute to Tupac’s enduring influence, as well as McGregor’s own success in the world of combat sports.

The Rolex Day-Date is a watch that has been associated with power, success, and exclusivity for decades. It is often referred to as the “President’s Watch” because it has been worn by many heads of state and influential figures over the years. McGregor’s decision to add this watch to his collection is a testament to his own success and his desire to make a statement wherever he goes.


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In conclusion, Conor McGregor’s latest watch, the Rolex Day-Date reference 128348RBR, is a stunning piece of craftsmanship that is both luxurious and unique. With its pavé diamond setting and green ombré dial, it is sure to turn heads wherever McGregor goes. More importantly, it is a tribute to one of McGregor’s greatest inspirations, the late Tupac Shakur, and a symbol of McGregor’s own success and influence in the world of combat sports.

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