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Cillian Murphy In Style with a Vintage Omega Seamaster Railmaster

Time-Travelling in Style with a Vintage Omega Seamaster Railmaster

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Fellow watch fans and movie lovers! Get ready for an awesome story with the cool actor Cillian Murphy. He’s famous for his incredible acting skills, but did you know he’s also a secret time traveler? Well, not for real, but with his vintage Omega Seamaster Railmaster watch, he looks like he could zoom through time!

During a recent movie promotion, Cillian showed off his slick style with a vintage automatic Omega watch. It’s 36 mm in size, made of stainless steel, and has a black dial and a black leather strap. Sounds fancy, right? Cillian strutted into the interview with his mysterious black watch. Some people say it’s so dark that it could compete with the blackness of space! Perfect for a movie about time and space, don’t you think?


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Aside from his acting skills and good looks, fans now have one more reason to adore Cillian—his great taste in watches! Is he secretly a watch expert in disguise? It wouldn’t be a surprise! So whether you’re a Cillian fan or a watch lover, let’s give a shoutout to this awesome guy who knows how to blend in elegance. Keep an eye out for more watch-spotting adventures with your favorite stars! Maybe next time, we’ll spot someone with a time-traveling pocket watch! Until then, stay classy, keep smiling, and don’t be afraid to add some fun to your style.

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